Have you ever wondered what it's like for an iGaming business to switch affiliate marketing platforms after launching an affiliate program? BC.Game and True Flip, Affilka's casino clients are ready to share their experiences moving from a self-written and an off-the-shelf platform to Affilka. In our new case study, you will find all the details on the challenges the brands faced with their previous software, the migration process, and the benefits the brands received after joining Affilka.


What we cover

It is no secret that affiliate marketing fuels an iGaming brand. Choosing software for organising the affiliate workload is a make-or-break decision that directly impacts the acqusition of new players and brand visibility boost.

After migrating to the Affilka platform, BC.Game and True Flip make the most out of their affiliate marketing investments with an automated, holistic approach. The teams highlighted the following features in Affilka as most effective:

  • Reporting in near real-time
  • Integration with payments
  • Media management


There are multiple reasons why operators consider migrating from an existing software to a new one: the current system becomes too resource-consuming, it does not correspond to the ever-growing business needs, lack of feature updates makes a product non-competitive, – you name it. We have dealt with quite a few migrations at Affilka so we know how to make the process seamless for both operators and their affiliates.

Anastasiya Borovaya, Head of Affilka by SOFTSWISS
True Flip


Migration from a custom platform

BC.Game has extensive experience with Affilka from both an affiliate marketer’s and operator’s perspective. As part of their interview, the team shared their own path in in-house development and the benefits of ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions.

Explore the BC.Game story to learn how the Affilka platform integration reduced team workload and led to a 20% monthly increase in player acquisition.

True Flip

Migration from an off-the-shelf platform

Having started with a third-party affiliate platform, True Flip decided to scale their brand and move to Affilka. Check out the real-life scenario of rolling out a single affiliate management system for two affiliate programs and five brands, one of which is purely crypto.

Discover Affilka's potential in managing partner marketing programs for iGaming brands
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