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The basic premise of iGaming is that casinos and sports betting are inseparable and complement one another. An operator that offers a winning combination of both casino and sports can maximise their revenue by increasing cross-project traffic, creating a cohesive and accessible player experience.

What are the best ways to integrate the Sportsbook into your existing business? Since every project’s technology stack, end goals, and starting point differs, SOFTSWISS provides two main options, each with two set-up approaches, for integrating the Sportsbook module. Whether you require Sportsbook API, Sportsbook iFrame, or an innovative integration via the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, with API and iFrame options available as well, our team provides assistance with complete technical support to ensure your iGaming success.

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Why SOFTSWISS Sportsbook?

Сustomisation and project management options

With a dedicated back office, bookmakers can manage all projects centrally, setting up unique data-driven bonus policies and scaling up efficiently. The integral CMS allows the operator to manage a website and its content independently, without developer help.


World’s leading crypto processing

Integration with CoinsPaid enriches SOFTSWISS bookmakers' opportunities and allows players to use both crypto and fiat currencies for betting, ensuring operators' financial security and transaction speed.


Seamless wallet

Regardless of whether SOFTSWISS or a third-party platform powers your casino, the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook ensures a seamless cross-platform wallet across gaming and sports.


Unique market bonuses

The SOFTSWISS Sportsbook offers a cutting-edge gamification portfolio filled with tried-and-true bonuses, as well as a set of next-generation offers and tools. Moreover, the Sportsbook clients will soon have access to the Jackpot Aggregator, a software tool for managing local and global jackpots, enhancing the gamification experience.


Risk Management

Managing risk in sports betting is not gambling but determining a bookmaker's financial and reputational success. With full technical support, the SOFTSWISS in-house team takes care of betting fraud, GDPR, and responsible gambling issues.


ISO 27001 Compliant

We maintain an ISO 27001 compliant Information Security Management System, safeguarding our assets and our customers' data. Join us in securing your own data by exercising due diligence and following basic security rules.


Sportsbook integration capabilities

Currently, we offer two integration methods: standard via the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook (2 set-up options – API and iFrame) or integration via the Game Aggregator (either via API or iFrame). Check out your business's options below.

Sportsbook: API

Being probably the fastest and most coherent technical option, the API integration option is the preferred choice among SOFTSWISS bookmakers. 

Aside from providing the most hands-on control, the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook API integration is probably the most popular option for launching a full-fledged sports betting business. Upon launching a new project within an already integrated platform, you can choose sports or casino as the main domain.

The solution, as well as all other integration methods, includes a customisable interface that has been designed with best UX/UI practices for bettors. Bookmakers are free to choose between maintaining the tried-and-trusted SOFTSWISS website design or setting up their own frontend backed up by the Sportsbook team.

No matter what frontend option you choose, we provide all the guidelines and technical support needed to ensure smooth integration and launch.

  • Automation and scalability
  • Fast market entry
  • Access to a full suite of bonus features and tools

Sportsbook: iFrame

Using an iFrame is one of the most traditional and common approaches in the online gambling industry. The integration implies adding the sportsbook as a separate page on the brand website, which can be accessed via the main page.

While the bookmaker’s team is likely familiar with the stack and technology, the winning strategy has some limitations. In contrast to the sportsbook API integration, the iFrame approach reduces SEO potential and requires the operator’s technical team to refine the casino’s footer and header in order to meet compliance requirements. Meanwhile, the iFrame approach is still a good option for all operators, seeking a versatile well-proven solution with wide customisation options.

  • High flexibility
  • Requires additional operator resources
  • Quick launch

Game Aggregator: API

The Game Aggregator integration is a cutting-edge technique in iGaming. It empowers operators to launch a sportsbook on the one hand and enhance their casinos by offering thousands of games from top providers on the other. Therefore, current Game Aggregator clients who have gone the connection route can begin the setup process right away.

Featuring over 20,000 games from more than 250 game providers, the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator provides an API option to start a sportsbook online. The Game Aggregator integration via API allows bookmakers to get two SOFTSWISS products at once in the easiest, most automated, and hassle-free way possible. The API integration via the Game Aggregator is one of the fastest ways into the sports betting industry for those who have never integrated with SOFTSWISS before.

One integration combines 2 SOFTSWISS products at once, so in case you are interested in expanding your business systematically, consider the API approach for capacity optimisation.

  • Quick time to market
  • Easy and automated integration process 
  • Full Game Aggregator and Sportsbook team support
Games Aggregator API

Game Aggregator: iFrame

iFrame is another option for integrating casino games and running a sportsbook online via the Game Aggregator. Neither API nor iFrame options differ in capabilities – both offer game providers and online sports betting opportunities for iGaming businesses. Its main difference is in the connection method.

Similarly, as with the Sportsbook iFrame solution, the integration via the Game Aggregator undermines SEO promotion and requires menu adjustments. Despite all its similarities, the iFrame via the Game Aggregator gives its clients more versatility. 

The Game Aggregator’s iFrame connection lets you display the Sportsbook in two ways: either within a page on a brand website (just like the Sportsbook iFrame solution) or as a standalone game in your project’s gaming portfolio. Function-wise, there is no difference between the packages; they both offer bonuses and other features fully, so the decision comes down to the brand’s strategy and goals.

Moreover, the cross-product combo (regardless of the connection type) will be strengthened by the Jackpot Aggregator, a software tool for managing local and global jackpots, taking gamification on SOFTSWISS client’ projects further than ever before.

  • 2 display options 
  • Requires greater operator’s involvement
  • Full Game Aggregator and Sportsbook team support
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