Please consult our corporate brandbook for brand visual identity, fonts, brand pattern and elements. Find useful guidelines and tips for working with brand media and assets on this page.


Brand essence


To improve the entertainment and gambling landscape through technical innovation.


To create a leading innovative product in the entertainment industry that attracts most players and empowers operators to succeed in their business endeavour.


SOFTSWISS inspires confidence, security, and trust by supplying innovative products and solutions that improve business efficiency.


iGaming expertise, reliability, and security of products and innovative solutions.


SOFTSWISS creates reliable and secure business solutions, which win in the highly competitive market and deliver value to clients.


Confidence in the choice of a reliable partner, effective partnership, and a successful result.



The key visual identity element of the brand is its logo. It represents a unique lettering and graphic element blended into a single composition.

The infinity symbol that refers to the capital letter of the logo stands for reliability, development, and flexibility – an infinite pursuit of success, as well as the inexhaustible potential of the SOFTSWISS team.

In some instances, the graphic element can be used separately from the lettering, for example in an avatar used on social media.

Brand colours

The colour palette captures the company’s friendly, dynamic image.

The corporate colour palette consists of four colours – red, yellow, black and grey.

The corporate colours are presented in various colour systems for the most accurate reproduction with the use of various technologies and on various carriers — from signboards to advertising materials.

Logo uses on various backgrounds

Whenever the logo is placed on the background of the corporate colour, the logo reversal option is used.

The logo is used on a white protection solid base with its dimensions equal to the size of the logo with the protection area on backgrounds that do not belong to the brand colours, as well as on complex backgrounds.

Monochrome logo versions

Single-colour logo versions are used whenever multicolour printing is unfeasible.

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