When choosing a technology platform for our online casino solution we strived to rely on the latest industry achievements. That’s why we decided to base our casino platform on Ruby as one of the leading and most promising programming languages of today. Currently Ruby is most likely to be found in use on Shopping, Business or Technology type websites that are designed to sustain high loads.


What makes Ruby distinct:

Ruby boasts a wide range of advantages when it comes to web development and highload projects. Due to its popularity, comprehensive documentation, large community and simplicity Ruby has proved its efficiency in multiple web-based projects. Flexible syntax with minimal syntactic noise, metaprogramming, functional and object-oriented paradigms support, thousands of tested 3rd party libraries (gems) and highest scores in benchmarks put Ruby to the forefront of web development. Furthermore, native threads support and high interpreter speed guarantee highload-proof application with 99,9% uptime.

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is the framework chosen for our casino solution development. Developed by 37Signals and maintained by millions of developers from worldwide open-source community, Ruby-on-Rails implements all functionality for application and REST services. MVC paradigm, highest security assurance, database communication and AJAX interaction – all this is provided by RoR, which allows developers to better focus on business logic implementation.

Famous Ruby based projects


Efficiency and stability of Ruby-based projects have been evaluated by such international giants as Amazon, BBC, Cisco, CNET, IBM, JP Morgan, NASA, and Yahoo. Lots of rapidly-growing web-based companies have been built using Ruby-on-Rails, such as Scribd, Groupon, or Basecamp. We are happy to join this good-looking company. Our software relies on modern technologies of today, which lays a powerful foundation for the future and lets us implement all regular software updates in a lean, efficient manner.

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