Is it legal to operate an online casino?

It is perfectly legal in a number of jurisdictions, provided that the online casino is licensed and certified. The procedure of obtaining a gambling license as well as requirements to the software and business processes may vary depending on the gambling jurisdiction you select.

What is a gambling license and why is it so important?

A gambling license is a prerequisite for an online casino business as it provides legal basis for online casino operation. The most popular online gambling jurisdictions are the United Kingdom, Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao and Vanuatu. Please, visit our licensing page for more information on the issue.

What requirements should be met to open an online casino?

You need professional certified software, a gambling license and a merchant account(s) for electronic payment transactions. You can find much more information on this vast topic in the Knowledge Base section of this website.

Who will be the owner of online casino software after signing the agreement?

SoftSwiss remains the sole owner of its proprietary online casino software. We lease our software to casino operators, subject to a Software License Agreement, and it is a closed-source solution. Our software is maintained by our developers who make sure it is free of bugs and security flaws. We also roll out regular updates, introduce new features within the software platform, and provide casino operators with ongoing technical support. If you have an established online casino brand and an in-house team of developers, we can discuss possibilities of cooperation on an open-code basis. For more information please contact our managers.

Who owns the player database?

All personal information of casino players is owned by the casino operator at all times. Although the database is hosted and maintained by SoftSwiss, we are obligated not to disclose any personal information to third-parties. Should the casino operator decide to switch to another software provider, we will assist them in transferring their database. All of this is regulated by a formal agreement.


Can I use my own server to install your platform on it?

In order to provide smooth and stable performance of your online casino, the backend part of the software is always based on SoftSwiss servers. The frontend (website) can be located either on your server or on ours.

Is there any server limit to the number of players who can access the game at the same time?

The system ensures smooth gameplay with up to 500 bets per second. However, this number can be increased in case of a huge player base.

What are the payment systems supported by SoftSwiss software?

Our online casino solutions support all major payment systems that are currently used worldwide. Our platform is integrated with a payments platform DevCode that brings under its roof such industry-leading payment systems as Neteller or Skrill as well as numerous region-specific payment processors, like mobile payment solution Zimpler. Naturally, we support transactions via credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, UnionPay and more). We can integrate any specific payment option on demand.

Is your platform multi-lingual? How many languages does it support?

Our software is delivered in English by default and is localized into more than 15 other languages at the moment, with more to come. Among such localizations are German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Indonesian, etc. Website content however is always translated by casino operators themselves depending on their target regions.

Do you have any demo version of your casino platform that I can see?

Definitely. Please contact our managers for games and backend demo.

Can you provide any guarantees of the reliability of your software?

Our product is certified by ItechLabs, one of the most reputable software certifying agencies in the world. Our software is based on Ruby-on-Rails and Go, the technologies which allow for best security and high scalability. We are the only company on the market using this most innovative technology for casino platform development. Amazon, Nasa, Twitter are based on Ruby-on-Rails, and the most vivid examples of the technology our SoftSwiss-powered casinos.

What is the payout in casino games that you provide?

For automatic games such as Roulette and Slots, the standard payout (the amount returned by the casino to players) is usually set at 95-98%. The 2-5% are the casino advantage. For card games in which the results also depend on players’ skills, the payout varies and the casino profit per player may be much higher.


How long will it take to start an online casino after purchasing the software?

Generally, it takes about 3 months or faster to start a casino. However, in case of specific requirements and need of deep customization, the whole process may take longer.

Who will be in charge of website development?

We are very flexible here. You can either use our template design or we can design a custom website according to your individual preferences. You can even build and support the entire front-end part of the project completely on your side.

Do you provide any ready-to-start online casino option?

The easiest way to start an online casino is our White Label casino solution. It covers all the aspects necessary to start your online casino business: software platform, online casino games, website design and development, gambling license and payment gateways, hosting and technical support.

What kind of post-sales support does your team provide?

After you purchase our online casino solution, we provide you with permanent technical and hosting support. You will be assigned an Account Manager available for any questions related to the software use.

Is it possible to order only casino games instead of the full gaming platform?

We can supply 2000+ games from over 20 game providers as part of our platform or separately. If you would like to have just the games for your existing gaming project, they all can be easily integrated into any operational online casino or sportsbook through a single API. Please contact our managers for more information.

Will I have to pay any additional fees after the purchase of your product?

Like every online casino software provider, we charge a certain % from the revenue on a monthly basis for technical support and hosting. Also, if you hold your own gaming license, there is a monthly licensing fee paid to the jurisdiction which issues this license.

Can you also help with marketing after the casino is launched?

We offer internal marketing services, which means we work with existing players. We focus on player retention only by assigning a full-time marketing manager to your casino who creates a promotional bonus strategy, develops a VIP program, handles email marketing, etc. Our marketing services go at extra cost. Player acquisition on the other hand is the responsibility of a casino operator. Among the common methods of driving casino traffic are affiliate marketing, media buying, SEO, SMM, ordering reviews and casino listings, etc.

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