Can an iGaming affiliate become a successful operator?

In theory, online gambling affiliates who wish to start their own gaming website have significant advantages. Such affiliates already have expertise in marketing and a steady flow of traffic to their would-be standalone project. But there is significantly more to becoming an iGaming operator.

Case for affiliates to become casino operators

Affiliates are dependent on operators as those aim to keep their valuable partners close, offering them sweet deals with lifetime revenue share of 50% and even more. But it works the other way, too. Operators need affiliates badly, as the latter serve as guides for curious players towards casino and betting websites, contributing to operators’ success significantly.

Just like all iGaming warriors out there, affiliates constantly keep their ears to the ground for emerging regulations and awakening markets. For an affiliate with spare capital such industry knowledge – coupled with easy access to traffic ready for monetization – can become a step towards bigger plans: starting an online gambling website of their own.

Industry overview

The online gaming industry is a living system which cannot function properly without interconnected parties. Let’s scratch the surface of who is who in this industry.

The crucial role of Technical Providers

Software platform providers supply the technical core of your business and take care of everything functioning properly.  By choosing the right iGaming platform provider you lay the foundation for a smooth start of an online casino or sportsbook.

A typical iGaming platform consists of a robust players CRM, a bonus system, a reporting engine, plus it carries integrations with payment systems, game providers, suppliers of sports odds, and affiliate systems.

Speaking of the look of a new website, an affiliate has to consider, whether they as an operator want to provide a unique gaming experience through a custom frontend developed by an experienced team or rely on responsive template designs, which have withstood the test of time in a number of ways. It is always possible to find a common solution being in close contact with a provider who is attentive to the needs of clients.

The software provider can take care not just for the technical side of things, but also cover the issues of payment processing and license acquisition.

So many different Game Vendors

The gaming content comes from a huge number of game providers. It is possible to make an effort and to turn to everyone directly or, alternatively, get a “wholesale” package from one supplier – something usually referred to as Game Aggregator.

We at SoftSwiss work with dozens of game vendors which offer content to suit every taste. Moreover, our managers are always ready to share data-driven insights about what games or game studios are perceived particularly well in certain countries, so that our clients (casino operators) could make better decisions and improve player retention.

What kind of beast Regulators are

Obtaining a gambling license for the legal operation of online casino or sports betting websites is one of the most essential steps on the way. If you drive traffic worldwide, two obvious choices in terms of licensing jurisdictions are Curaçao and Malta.

For example, a Curacao gambling license as part of our offering is the most convenient way to start off with in the gambling market worldwide. It is a cost-effective solution that opens up a variety of gaming content for your website, plus it permits cryptocurrency processing if crypto traffic is your strong focus.

A Maltese license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is a more “serious” option. The regulator rigidly scrutinizes its licensees, but casinos launched under the auspices of Malta tend to experience fewer headaches with finding payment processing partners. Such websites are also perceived as more trustworthy in certain EU countries.

If you decide to acquire a license by yourself, the numerous legal and banking issues can be overwhelming. Relying on an experienced provider is a wise step, and by far the best way to break into the industry is to start with a readily available license under the White Label model. This way affiliates can really focus on driving traffic and actually growing the business. There really is no case to argue the efficiency of such approach.

Casino website promotion: an upgrade to player acquisition

It may seem like being an affiliate with heaps of traffic takes care of online casino marketing, doesn’t it? It is true till the very point of understanding how complex and multileveled this business is. 

The essence of growing your website is not in the traffic itself. It is important not only to acquire new players, but to keep them interested and make them come back regularly – AKA player retention.

Vital parts of player retention include: setting up bonus campaigns, developing a comprehensive VIP or loyalty program, awarding players with perks for certain achievements, holding regular contests or raffles, and just keeping them informed about new games or product updates.

Eventually, your goal is launching a high-quality website on a reliable platform with well-known gaming content, plus also making it unique in a number of ways. Find a way to make your brand resonate with the players. It takes time to develop a satisfying retention strategy, no matter how experienced and professional of an affiliate you are. (Incidentally, SoftSwiss helps with such a complex aspect as player retention, too.)

To be or not to be

Affiliates can become successful operators only if they are backed by a powerful gambling platform, invest in a good-looking product that converts, focus on player retention just as they have focused on snowballing the traffic, and build a responsive customer care team.

We must admit we at SoftSwiss have good examples in this regard. Quite a few online casino operators who use our software platform had been prominent in the affiliate industry before deciding to launch their online casinos with us – to a great success. Our company has been providing such operators with all the necessary technology and infrastructure, while they have been employing their vast affiliate experience to gain an edge over their competitors. 

If you are an iGaming affiliate who has read this piece to the very end, please don’t hesitate to reach out and perhaps we could work on something great.

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