No Muss, No Fuss with SoftSwiss White Label Casino

We have always found it important to provide our clients with comprehensive support in all aspects of running online gaming business. We performed a deep research of the legislation in the area of online gaming and thoroughly studied the peculiarities and procedures of each gambling jurisdiction. We learnt the requirements that a legal entity should meet in order to apply for a merchant account to cover the financial side of business. We got in touch with all major (and minor) payment processors and compared their offerings to recommend those with the most favorable conditions and lowest fees to our clients. Finally, we found the best marketing companies and tried their services to make a list of trusted partners who can help our clients promote their new business. All in all, we became proficient in each and every aspect of launching and operating an online casino and could lead our clients step by step through each stage. And then we realized that we could do even more – we could help our clients skip these steps and stages and just provide them with a ready-to-operate business.

That is how SoftSwiss White Label Solution was born. The main idea behind the offering is to provide the client with an opportunity to launch online gaming business quickly and without extra legal hassle. Such usual steps as incorporation of a legal entity and obtaining a gaming license are eliminated because the business is operating under SoftSwiss existing gaming license. This way, the casino fully meets all regulatory requirements but saves lots of time and money it would spend if applying for a separate license.

Moreover, SoftSwiss provides a fully functional financial infrastructure. We know how long it might take a new business to get approval for a merchant account from a bank. Leave alone tons of documents you’d have to prepare – DHL would name you the client of the year. Even with the license and the bank account in place, the operator would have to establish relationships with payment processors, which means going through a lengthy application process and paperwork all over again.

When starting with SoftSwiss White Label, all of the above issues are fully covered. The casino just uses the available merchant account for credit and debit card processing and decides upon the payment systems to include. The operator still has full control over the financial flow and sees each and every penny going to and from the casino balance. So, it’s basically the same power with less responsibility, as SoftSwiss is liable for efficient performance of the casino within the created infrastructure.

Obviously, the main advantage of the White Label Casino is faster time to market. We realize that in the highly competitive online casino industry, time is sometimes critical. We like the idea of caring for our clients and taking over things that we know better in order to let them concentrate on what they know better – business strategy development, marketing and promotion of their new business. We are in the same boat and appreciate the opportunity to make our contribution in the successful launch of a new business.

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