The Jackpot Aggregator: Use Cases and Benefits

The thrill of a good jackpot always attracts players. An exciting storyline and a significant jackpot pool are valuable elements for active gamblers, whose attention is increasingly challenging to capture.

Increase the brand’s competitiveness, attract new players, engage active bettors, and increase your revenue stream –⁠ these are the strategic goals of any casino that jackpot campaigns can help accomplish.

How Does the Jackpot Aggregator Work?

The Jackpot Aggregator is a multipurpose gamification system for managing promotional campaigns in iGaming projects. This includes jackpot campaigns, bonuses, tournaments, and so on.

The Jackpot Aggregator is an ambassador for the new Jackpot as a Service (JaaS) approach to creating jackpot campaigns. The solution relies on a holistic approach to organising jackpot promotions. Our team views the jackpot not just as a one-time pool but as a marketing tool that engages audiences, retains players, and stimulates business.

What Jackpots Are Available Via the Jackpot Aggregator?

The iGaming market is now one of the most competitive markets in the online environment. Industry standards are rising; players are becoming more sophisticated and experienced, so new solutions do not take long to arrive.

The Jackpot Aggregator is the casino catalyst that helps clients grow their businesses. The gamification system supports all classic types of jackpot promotions available on the market, including unique branded campaigns.

Jackpot System vs Jackpot Aggregator: What is the Difference?
Jackpot System vs Jackpot Aggregator: What is the Difference?

Local jackpot campaigns are usually held at a particular casino brand. These jackpots can be used to test player interest and direct participant attention to a specific segment of games. Jackpots also assist expected playing behaviour (bet amount, activity time, and so on).

With the Jackpot Aggregator, operators can combine several of their projects into a single jackpot campaign. Why is this beneficial? All about promotional interest and the opportunity to unite more players in one jackpot game. The larger the jackpot campaign, the more opportunities the operator has. Such jackpots are referred to as global jackpots

The Integration Process

The Jackpot Aggregator is a gamification system that provides a flexible approach to integration – the client can add the functional blocks they require instead of integrating all the modules at once. 

Consider the following factors when assessing the integration:

  • The operator’s platform
  • Is the platform integration-ready? 
  • What is the desired integration level (the functional modules required) 

What does the integration level mean? The operator determines which Jackpot Aggregator capabilities will be connected to their project. This decision directly affects the integration’s timespan.

The chart below shows the levels currently available to Jackpot Aggregator customers.


What steps does each brand go through to integrate with the Jackpot Aggregator?

  1. Preparation
    • Choosing the level of integration (necessary functionality, such as global jackpots and related modules)
    • Obtaining a description of the Jackpot Aggregator protocol and other documents from the Jackpot Aggregator team
  1. Implementation of recommendations (client-side)
  2. Connecting and creating jackpots

Who Will Benefit From the Jackpot Aggregator? 

One way or another, operators in iGaming conclude that jackpots are a necessity. With the launch of the jackpot campaign, any project gains a significant advantage over its competitors and audience. As you know, “it takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”

Jackpot Aggregator clients

The image above shows Jackpot Aggregator customers and their interactions. Let’s take a closer look at who can become a Jackpot Aggregator client and what benefits to expect from the integration.

  1. Casino 

Any iGaming project can connect to the Jackpot Aggregator through their online casino management platform. Operators can create jackpots without investing in equipment and developing their innovations for several years.

What Does the Operator Get? 

  • Ability to organise local and global jackpots
  • Increased audience loyalty
  • Enhanced brand awareness
  • Strong position among competitors
  • Jackpot experts team that assists in organising jackpot campaigns

What Do the Players Get? 

  • A chance to hit the jackpot
  • Increased interest in the casino, its games and other features
  1. Game Provider

Using the Jackpot Aggregator, game providers can go beyond just offering games and add value to their products. Every offer is a complete package, including the game, the scenario and the jackpot.

What Does the Provider Get? 

  • Ability to organise their own branded jackpots
  • Increased brand awareness and market positioning
  • Extended possibilities of existing gaming services
  • Player engagement in specific games or game groups
  • Technical and organisational assistance from the Jackpot Aggregator team

What Does a Client of a Provider Get?

  • Enhanced service package (games + jackpots)
  • Higher winning odds from the provider
  • Ability to participate in branded jackpots
  1. Game Aggregators

Jackpot Aggregators allow the combination of services from several gaming providers or casinos into a single jackpot. Essentially, any jackpot type is available.

What Do Aggregators Get? 

  • Ability to create single jackpots
  • Increased demand for the aggregator services
  • Gaming content and jackpots bundle
  • Skilled assistance from the Jackpot Aggregator team
  • GGR growth for gaming aggregators and their clients

What Do Clients Get? 

  • Enhanced service package (games + jackpots)
  • Higher beе-to-win odds
  • Participation in single jackpots

Hit the Jackpot

Brand growth and diversification is a real challenge for operators. The field of gambling is quite delicate and regulated, and many promotion methods are losing their effectiveness. That’s why jackpots are now becoming a non-trivial way to engage audiences and give them new emotions and increase brand loyalty. 

The Jackpot Aggregator advocates a holistic approach to jackpots with local regulation in mind. We provide expert and technical support for businesses and help you make the right call. 

Join the Jackpot Revolution!

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