How the Jackpot Aggregator Benefits your iGaming Business

Is it possible to build a strong iGaming brand without players? The answer is clear: it is impossible. This is why the market is now competitive for every dedicated player. Operators do everything they can to gain attention and attract the audience to their casinos. 

Gambling companies should also consider the tools they choose to achieve their goals since the standard is extremely high. A range of games, high-quality content, and good customer service are more of a must-have that decent market representatives provide. It is necessary to test new solutions to maintain the audience’s attention.

During such challenging and exciting times, jackpots are once again entering the arena in their new shape the shape of the Jackpot Aggregator. Come on a brief tour of the new level of jackpot campaigns to see how the Jackpot Aggregator can help the business, what problems it can solve, and who should pay attention to it.

What is the Jackpot Aggregator?

The Jackpot Aggregator is SOFTSWISS’ novelty that introduces the Jackpot-as-a-service (JaaS) business model. It presents a new systematic and comprehensive approach to jackpot delivery. The Jackpot Aggregator is a multifunctional solution with many tools for comprehensive jackpot campaign management.

The Jackpot Aggregator provides its customers with a customised cloud-based system. Each customer receives a virtual jackpot system. There is no need to install physical servers or configure the hardware for weeks: thanks to cloud jackpots, software installation and configuration can take no longer than 48 hours. The solution can be integrated with any gaming or non-gaming project, such as online casinos, game providers, game aggregators, etc.

So many players so many minds. It’s hard to appeal to the whole audience with a single promotion. This is both difficult and unnecessary. Using Jackpot Aggregator’s new segmentation feature, operators can group their players into categories based on different characteristics and create individual jackpot campaigns for each group. A personalised approach can greatly increase the effectiveness of client events.

The primary product that the Jackpot Aggregator offers its customers is called Jackpot Templates. To summarise, the Jackpot Template is a comprehensive solution for running a jackpot campaign, allowing operators to create jackpots according to their demands. Operators can keep the template the way it is or modify settings to create a unique campaign. It is completely flexible.

The Jackpot Aggregator is not the only software solution for managing jackpots. A standalone jackpot system is another popular alternative. Any jackpot system refers to a technical system or a platform for organising jackpot events. Both the Jackpot Aggregator and standalone jackpot systems have their strengths and weaknesses; it is important to choose the solution that suits the business at the time.

Who can become a Jackpot Aggregator customer?

One way or another, jackpots have always attracted public attention. As such, it’s understandable why any brand, gaming or non-gaming, would want to ‘tame’ the technology and utilise it to their advantage.

Our customers value the significance of jackpots in the iGaming industry, that is why the Jackpot Aggregator is available almost to any gaming or non-gaming brand. Online casinos, game providers, game aggregators, etc. can be easily integrated.

The Jackpot Aggregator is efficient for more than just supplier-customer coordination. We also provide gaming platform reinforcement. Introducing jackpots on gaming platforms will also make the platform more valuable to operators. Games, tools, and know-how all matter when choosing a provider, and the Jackpot Aggregator can improve the brand’s market appeal.

As stated, the Jackpot Aggregator can be useful for absolutely every brand on the market, it is just a matter of choosing the right terms and the right type of partnership. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the Jackpot Aggregator or if it is relevant for your business. We are always open to new experiences!

Main goals of the Jackpot Aggregator

Will the SOFTSWISS solution be successful in achieving your company’s aims? What exactly can the Aggregator do for the business? Let’s take a look.

Managing player attendance

All operators will eventually face the challenge of sophisticated bettors that are hard to surprise. The jackpot becomes an innovative solution that can both engage active players and attract those who have changed their preferences. 

Increasing audience loyalty

Large-scale, memorable, and popular jackpot campaigns are the prerogative of reliable and successful market players. Casinos that offer their audience the opportunity to win jackpots instantly enhance their reputations and improve their players’ experience. In the long run, this strategy usually reaps benefits in the form of increased casino traffic and player loyalty.

Monitoring gaming activities and jackpot performance 

Jackpot campaigns are another integral part of a brand’s business model that directly impacts finances. The process should be as transparent and easy to follow as possible. The Jackpot Aggregator provides a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of all activities performed by customers in real time. Quick and complete access to the information is critical for the operator, and the Jackpot Aggregator facilitates this.

Operating effectively

The best practice for managing the attention of players is to offer them jackpots. A jackpot campaign can direct traffic to a segment of games or a certain game in a casino. It helps to maintain the productivity and profitability of the positions purchased so that each investment pays off and generates profit for the company.

Bottom line: the main benefits of the Jackpot Aggregator

Now, the jackpot serves as a powerful business and marketing tool to increase iGaming revenues and brand awareness. The Jackpot Aggregator is exactly the right solution to focus on this aspect comprehensively.

What are the advantages that make the Jackpot Aggregator truly outstanding and valuable?

  1. Jackpot Templates. Use pre-set jackpot campaigns to run your campaign in three clicks or create your own from scratch. With the Jackpot Aggregator, you have the choice.
  2. Unlimited simultaneous jackpot campaigns. You are free to test as many approaches as you need to find the solutions that work best for you. Results matter.
  3. Omnichannel integration. Make jackpot campaigns available to all players via any of their devices.
  4. Multicurrency. Expand and scale your brand, enter new markets and attract players from different regions. The Jackpot Aggregator is ready to boost you.
  5. Global jackpots. Playing jackpots between multiple online locations is a great opportunity to bundle the brand’s casinos into one promotional campaign. In addition to collecting total statistics, this feature allows operators to track player interest across several casinos at the same time.
  6. Implementation speed. Operating without a physical server reduces time to market. It takes about 48 hours to set up software.
  7. A dedicated team with strong expertise. We set up, configure, and update the jackpot system for the casino, saving operators’ resources on having a separate team to maintain it.
  8. Easy integration. Any casino platform, gaming aggregator, or provider can be easily integrated with the Jackpot Aggregator. All elements of the company will work as one ecosystem, complementing and reinforcing one another.

Jackpot revolution is here

The best part about trend-spotting is being able to set them. One of the trends is to use jackpots in a new way to become more powerful. The Jackpot Aggregator, SOFTSWISS’ multi-purpose solution, is designed to further develop and take a deeper look at jackpot campaigns. 

If you have decided to break into the world of jackpots, we will be happy to help you with boosting your brand’s competitiveness. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Join the Jackpot Revolution! 

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