SOFTSWISS Becomes Headline Partner for Official ICE Party 2024

SOFTSWISS becomes a headline partner of the Official VIP Opening Party EVOLVE by Fire & ICE 2024. The outstanding event will gather 5,000 industry leaders to spend six hours networking at Magazine London.

With a fresh venue, revised format, and a new aesthetic, EVOLVE by Fire & ICE and SOFTSWISS is poised to enhance the overall ICE experience. This year, the organisers are gearing up to create a unique festival vibe, offering numerous networking opportunities to lay the foundation for long-term sustainable projects in 2024. 

Michael Caselli, Event Co-Organiser and Clarion Gaming Chairman, comments: “Focusing on guest interaction and live musical performances, the event will take Fire & ICE to the next level with famous faces, a brand-new entertainment philosophy, and an inclusive executive networking experience.”

With the event slogan prompting guests to “forget everything they know but remember everything they feel”, the organisers celebrate two decades of remarkable work of the Fire & ICE team, which continues to EVOLVE, once again reinventing the main event of the year.

“As SOFTSWISS enters its 15th anniversary , I am proud that the celebration begins with the remarkable EVOLVE party. The collaborative masterpiece of last year’s Fire & ICE remains an industry benchmark, setting a standard that we are determined to surpass this year. Placing our trust in Michael Caselli and the Fire & ICE team assures me that this event will not just meet but exceed all expectations. Come join us in establishing the groundwork for yet another successful year in iGaming!” adds Ivan Montik, Founder of SOFTSWISS

SOFTSWISS concludes the year celebrating two remarkable occasions. This December, the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook marks three years from its successful launch, sharing its 2023 industry overview. Also, the SOFTSWISS Crypto Casino Solution celebrates its 10th anniversary, unveiling valuable insights into the crypto landscape in its latest report.

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