White Label vs Standalone Casino

White Label vs Standalone Casino

Starting your own standalone casino is a time and cost consuming process. Beside all the legal questions one has to settle, such as company setup and licensing, it is also necessary to find the most effective way to handle payments, open a merchant account, make agreements with multiple electronic payment system providers, and organize efficient customer support when the casino is up and running. It’s not a big issue in case you’ve been lucky to find a reliable service provider who does not only deliver quality software, but provides a turnkey solution and either takes over the incorporation and licensing procedures or can at least recommend reliable partners in each sphere. In any case, there are significant investments involved, so you’d better be prepared.

Another option which has become very popular lately is a White Label casino solution. The main idea is that you get a ready-to-operate online casino with the unique design and logo, branded with your domain name. It is operating under the existing license of a “parent casino”, so you save a lot of time and money on the license application and maintenance. You also have the ready payment processing solution and since all payments are processed by the white label casino provider, there’s a higher level of confidentiality (especially important for casino owners operating in the countries where online gambling is illegal).

Besides the quicker time-to-market, a significant advantage of a white label casino to be mentioned is the affordability in terms of set up pricing. The entrance costs are considerably lower than those you handle with a standalone casino. And since you have plenty of time to concentrate on marketing, the chances to quickly start earning profits increase.

However, there are also some negative aspects of a white label casino which need to be considered when choosing which way to go. While offering lower set up prices, white label casino providers usually charge higher revenue sharing fees in order to cover their own licensing, support and maintenance costs. So you really need to concentrate on promotion and develop an efficient marketing strategy to attract players and be able to cover monthly expenses.

Also, with a white label casino, the level of control of your casino operations is lower and there is a limited scope for customization, but the responsibility and risks are also lower.

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