Viola Kolesnikova

Former PR and Brand Communication Manager

SOTFSWISS had the pleasure of having Viola on its team for a short but productive time. She played the role of Brand Communication Manager, which was key to the company’s brand awareness. During her time at SOFTSWISS, Viola was recognized as a hardworking person who never quit until she had the result she wanted, and who always conducted herself like a professional and had an organized and constructive approach in any dialogue.

Before joining the SOFTSWSS team, she was a communications specialist for several companies. In more than five years of previous experience, she developed excellent PR, communication, and writing skills, which led her to be the professional she is today.

SOFTSWISS always celebrates the possibility of having professional and talented people like Viola in its team. Although her departure was a loss for the company, it’s undoubtedly will be another company’s gain.

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