SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator B2B Support Launches 24/7 Service

SOFTSWISS is pleased to announce the launch of 24/7 B2B Support for all Game Aggregator clients. Previously, requests received by the Game Aggregator team after midnight were handled only in the morning. Now, all clients will be able to get in touch with B2B Customer Support specialists at any time of the day.

Currently, the Game Aggregator B2B Customer Support is bilingual: Russian and English. The customer support staff is always available via a Jira helpdesk, where Game Aggregator clients can create a request ticket. B2B support is priority-based: high priority goes to requests that have to do with many games not working correctly or winnings that need verification.

The time it takes to resolve issues depends on the ticket’s prioritisation and complexity. On average, each new application is processed in no more than 40 minutes. Typically, the team resolves 95% of requests without involving additional specialists, such as technical engineers.

Currently, the Game Aggregator B2B Support team has almost 30 employees, who are divided into four main teams: 

  • Customer Support deals with client issues that arise during the game process (e.g. investigating player activity for fraud).
  • Game Aggregator Setup is responsible for connecting game providers to client casinos, dealing with the connection process, documentation, and technical aspects.
  • Game Release is responsible for managing to add new game titles within the Game Aggregator system. 
  • Partner Portal is a new direction for the Game Aggregator and is currently in development. Its main goal for the future is to always be in touch with game providers.  

This ensures that SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator clients receive full-cycle support, as well as quick and high-quality solutions to any issues. This is especially important considering that the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator currently has over 11,800 games from 170+ game studios. 

Yauheniya Matsiuk, SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator B2B Customer Support Team Lead, said: “The launch of 24/7 support is a big and important step in developing the Game Aggregator B2B Support. After all, our primary objective is to stay in touch at all times to help SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator clients and their players resolve issues as quickly as possible. Thanks to 24/7 support, we are now even closer to that goal. Today, a team of professionals is working around the clock to ensure that our global clients receive first-class service, no matter where they are in the world.”

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