What SOFTSWISS Can Do for Online Casino SEO Promotion

What SOFTSWISS Can Do for Online Casino SEO Promotion

Most online casino operators are painfully aware that acquiring new users requires a hefty marketing budget. Few choose to give due attention to optimising their iGaming website for organic traffic and instead opt to pour their budget into affiliate marketing. But getting players to find you organically, instead of paid targeting is still an option – through search engine optimization.

Most online casino platforms, if not all, will offer a basic line up of Content Management tools as part of their CMS, provided they have one. Few will supply anything above the ordinary.

And yet, with more advanced SEO platform tools, operators can reinforce organic traffic as a player acquisition channel. Below is an outline of how the SOFTSWISS Online Casino Platform can help iGaming operators with SEO and organic user acquisition.


The SOFTSWISS Online Casino Platform comes with a built-on content management system. Like most traditional CMS systems it allows operators to change content, create new pages and manage media. What is more, it allows operators to adjust crucial SEO components such as:


Meta titles

Also known as the title tag, the meta title is the text that appears in, if you had not guessed it by now, the title of the page. It is also the text you see as the title of the search result on the  search engine results page (SERP). 

Apart from being a way to present information about the page, the meta title also signals to search engine robots what your page is about and what purpose it serves based on the keywords used in the title tag.

Meta descriptions

Meta description tags are brief text snippets that provide additional information on a SERP. These snippets expand on the page title and motivate users to engage with the search results.


Splitting the content on a web page into logical paragraphs with their own headings gives your content structure and increases readability. Placing logical heading tags via the SOFTSWISS CMS helps website crawlers identify the topics of paragraphs and see the context of your pages.

Headings sites

SEO text blocks

Text blocks can be used to segment information into logical chunks, format and style their content be it to create a simple paragraph of text or a more complex FAQ block. Web crawlers will analyse use your copy to determine how it responds to search queries.

SEO text blocks are best used on Game Pages to attract additional organic traffic from SERPs. More about Game Pages below.

Internal linking

Through the integral content management system operators and their SEO professionals can set up links between internal pages. Internal linking is a key optimisation tool that helps with website navigation. 

Search engines will use internal links to single out important website pages, as well as to better understand the structure of your website. Naturally, this can have significant benefits for page ranking and traffic generation to high-value pages.

Page slug

Online casinos will usually offer different sorting options when it comes to their game offering. This can be in the form of game categories or division of games per gaming studio. After all, many players know what games they want to play and need a quick way to find them. 

Using the SOFTSWISS CMS operators can create dedicated pages based on a particular Game provider or game category. More importantly, they can craft relevant and friendly URLs that have a good chance of ranking in search engines and being easily found by players. 

SOFTSWISS Platform Backoffice

A typical casino will use thousands of game pages dedicated pages where a casino game loads via an iframe from the game provider’s server with little or no regard to its SEO potential. 

Savvy operators, on the other hand, rely on SEO tactics that help bring organic traffic to game pages for an added chance to convert visitors into players.

The SOFTSWISS Casino Platform back office features a separate module dedicated to game management – Games. Besides being the place where operators manage game currencies, bonus contributions, game sorting, this will also be the module they use to alter game descriptions.

Platform Backoffice

Game descriptions fill SEO blocks for selected games. It is the text about the game that is shown to the player and usually appears on a game page. Game descriptions can be displayed to a player in any of the languages configured on the website.

One way to utilise a Game Page is to craft content that adds value to popular games that have a chance of being found via search engine queries. Of course, it is up to the operator and their SEO team to figure out which long-tail keywords to optimise for.

To enable additional SEO tags or create game page templates, SOFTSWISS account managers will need to set up internal configuration files (configs) to create tag templates. Most of this work is done in the early stages of development, during casino setup.

SOFTSWISS Frontend Core

SOFTSWISS Setup Team and Account Team managers can also help configure additional settings related to the frontend of your iGaming site. 

Provided of course you are relying on SOFTSWISS Frontend Core to build your brand’s website, you can expect SOFTSWISS to walk you through the SEO setup. Most such requests are handled in the pre-launch stages of website development, but can also be configured once the website is live. More on these configurations below:


While it mostly is an integral part of the overarching geographical targeting strategy, localisation is also a key component in personalising the player experience.

Platform configs can assign an additional hreflang attribute to pages, which ensures they are served up to the right geographical audience and displayed in their respective language. What is more, the attribute enables Google’s crawlers to distinguish between different language versions of the same page. You will want to use it to avoid having such pages flagged as duplicates and never being indexed.


Locale management

All language versions (locales) of your iGaming website’s frontend are pre-configured in a website’s internal documents by an authorized SOFTSWISS technical account manager. Website locales and the content that appears on different language pages is then manageable from within the SOFTSWISS CMS.


As Google itself describes, the robot.txt file serves as a guideline for website crawlers to understand which pages it can request to crawl. It is an instruction file used for traffic and website load management. Your website’s robot.txt file will be configured by the SOFTSWISS Setup Team before your website launches.

301 redirects

A 301 redirect file is one of the most common file types, alongside robots.txt associated with a website. Its main purpose is to inform your browser that a webpage, or an entire domain, has changed its location. There are several Google ranking factors associated with using the directive, such as the HTTPS protocol and canonical pages. Therefore using the 301 redirect for SEO is a no brainer.

XML sitemap

The XML Sitemap is generated separately for each locale of your website and is used to inform search engine crawlers about the pages you most definitely want crawled. Essentially, it is a list of site pages crucial for SEO (e.g. current promotions, popular game pages or game provider pages) and ranking that makes sure they are indexed first. 

Additional Site Configurations

SOFTSWISS iGaming brands built using the SOFTSWISS Frontend Core can also take advantage of integrating Google Tag Manager and making their website a Progressive Web Application.

Additional Site Configurations


iGaming operators keen on running A/B testing experiments for the sake of conversion rate optimisation will likely want to set up Google Tag Manager (GTM). 

With the help of Google Tag Manager an operator’s marketing team can avoid constantly having to assign tasks to a developer to track website events (player sign ups, deposit and cashouts) or set up Google Analytics or any other analytics or CRO tool of their choice. The setup of GTM is done for the client by SOFTSWISS technical account managers hassle free.

Google Tag Manager (GTM). 

PWA for online casino SEO

Last but not the least important are the platform’s PWA capabilities. SOFTSWISS online casinos using the SOFTSWISS Frontend Core can be rendered as PWAs. Progressive Web Applications refer to installable application versions of a website.

The web application software enables to ‘wrap’ a website into what essentially looks and acts like a native mobile app. Players can use the app on the operating platform of their choice, be it desktop or mobile, as the application is not bound to an app store.

Progressive Web Apps are a safe and fast alternative to playing casino games in-browser. Not only does it help to increase player conversion and lifetime value, but, in theory, positively contributes to search engine ranking due to improved player return rate, time spent on site and a lower bounce rate.

Wrapping up

The SOFTSWISS Online Casino Platform, Setup and Account teams work closely with clients to enable organic traffic acquisition, improve search engine ranking and visibility, and contribute to their bottom line. 

Client feedback and continuous research form a key part in boosting the platform’s SEO capabilities further to provide more opportunities to increase unpaid website traffic. 

2021 sees the SOFTSWISS Frontend Core transition to the ReactJS framework with the aim of improving the website visitor experience. Given Google Core Web Vitals update, which launched in May of the same year, the new framework will further optimise the online casino website experience for success.

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