Why a Game Aggregator is a great choice for casino operators

Have you thought how much the right game content influences the success of an online casino brand? Players form an opinion about an online casino to a large extent based on the games it offers. 

It is really important for casinos to have a wide variety of games, to constantly update and expand the games menu, in order to attract and retain players’ attention. Since the right game content is a competitive advantage, most casino operators partner with dozens of game providers or choose an experienced Game Aggregator providing access to an array of games from popular game studios. 

The integration of the game content is a non-trivial step in launching an online casino. In this step, an operator needs to сhoose the best vendors and the most popular and entertaining games among the great many available in the market.

Getting content for an online casino is a long-lasting process of negotiation with game providers where one has to agree on the conditions of the deal, sift through the paperwork, and carry out a technical integration of the gaming software. Here, a Game Aggregator comes to the aid of any casino operators, since it allows them to access heaps of game development studios following just one integration, instead of connecting each game studio directly. 

Game Aggregator is a one-stop solution for all game content needs, uniting thousands of games from dozens of popular game developers into a single product. Some may also call it a “casino games hub” or a “game aggregation platform”. 

Simply put, a Game Aggregator is an easy way to create a game portfolio for a gaming website via single API integration. The solution allows saving such important resources as time and money. Let’s figure out how it works and why more and more casino or sportsbook operators entrust the part connected with casino content to an experienced Game Aggregator.

What are the advantages of using Game Aggregator? 

1. Thousands of the most popular and innovative casino games in one place. As a rule, game aggregators establish partnerships with the most demanded game providers in the market. They constantly expand the offer following industry trends and market requirements.

2. This is a one-time, single API integration to gain access to thousands of various casino games. The casino operator makes a deal and a technical integration only with the chosen Game Aggregator. This saves hundreds (or even thousands) of hours needed for contracting with game studios directly and all subsequent integrations, not to mention the constant technical support of those integrations.

3. Favorable conditions due to the massive volumes of bets processed by the Game Aggregator. Generally, aggregators partner with dozens or even hundreds of casino operators. Their high volumes allow them to negotiate lower prices (usually, this is % from the monthly revenue) from game studios. Even though Game Aggregators charge 2-3% extra monthly fees for their services, the resulting prices for casino operators are still equally or sometimes more attractive compared to working with game providers directly.

4. Possibility to get new content with hardly any additional effort. Since getting new content is super easy, operators can experiment better, see which games prove successful, and mingle the games in their suite to find content that will appeal specifically to their players.

5. The unified support center provides operators a single entry point for solving absolutely any issues related to game content. The professional team behind the Game Aggregator assists at each step of integration and renders ongoing technical support at a very competent level, which simplifies the operators’ business management.

6. Special promo campaigns are offered by game studios to Aggregator’s clients to attract and engage players. Game studios carry out promotions for casino operators (e.g. tournaments where the prize pool is funded by the game studio) several times a month. As a single entry point with information about all promo campaigns, Game Aggregator informs operators about new campaigns offered by game providers, helping them easily navigate and choose the activities for their casinos.

Therefore, a Game Aggregator is a quiсk and cost-effective solution allowing to get and manage casino content easily. Due to the demand for the solution, there is a range of Game Aggregators from leading iGaming software developing companies presented in the market. 

When choosing a Game Aggregator, operators should pay attention not only to the impressive array of integrated game studios it offers but also to technical resistance of the software as well as the market’s feedback about the quality of the support service.

SoftSwiss offers one of the largest Game Aggerators in the market. Our portfolio brings together more than 60 best casino game vendors with over 10,000 mobile-friendly and multilingual games, which can all be obtained via one API integration. Our specialists are ready to consult and assist operators with any issues related to game content. SoftSwiss successfully supports more than 200 online casinos and bookmakers, including major iGaming market players around the world. We are proud to be processing more than 2 million euros worth of bets every month.

If you are interested in our software and looking for a reliable Game Aggregator contact us directly. We will help you to uphold your casino brand with the best content that will bring you success!


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