Why a Game Aggregator is a Great Choice for Casino Operators

Have you thought about just how much the right game content influences the success of an online casino brand? Players form an opinion about an online casino to a large extent based on the games it offers.

In order to attract and retain the players’ attention, online casinos need to have a wide variety of games and to constantly update their content offering. Since the right game content is a competitive advantage, most casino operators partner with dozens of game providers at a time or choose an experienced Game Aggregator providing access to an array of games from popular game studios. 

Types of Casino Content Integration

The integration of casino gaming content is a non-trivial step in launching an online casinoThere are two main ways casino games content can be added to an online casino brand – via a direct integration with the game vendor or through an integration with a game hub.

Direct Integration

With this method, an operator сhooses a particular game vendor that best fits their target markets and player demographics to sign a direct partnership agreement. This often involves a KYC procedure and, more often than not, the operator has to pay a sizeable setup fee for the right to integrate the provider’s game library.

Getting content for an online casino is a long-lasting process of negotiation with game providers – reaching an agreement on revenue share conditions, sifting through paperwork, and implementing the technical integration of the gaming software. 

When it comes to the technical integration of the gaming software, the Application Protocol Interface (API) used will likely be different from the next game vendor an operator chooses to partner with. So for every new game vendor the operator wants to add, the cycle begins anew.

Integration Via a Game Aggregator

A game aggregator lets casino operators add gaming content from several vendors at once. Aggregators strike content distribution agreements with numerous studios to be able to re-sell their games on their behalf.  This way casino operators access heaps of game development studios following just one integration with the aggregator, instead of connecting each game studio individually.

Companies that offer a game aggregator solution essentially provide a software infrastructure to maintain and communicate with the plethora of APIs from different game studios.

What is Game Aggregation?

A Game Aggregator is a one-stop software solution that unites thousands of games from tens of popular game developers into a single product. It is sometimes referred to as a ‘casino games hub’, a ‘game aggregation platform’, or ‘aggregation software’. 

Game Selection Via Aggregation

Simply put, a Game Aggregator is an easy way to create a game portfolio for a gaming website via single API integration. What is more, game aggregators serve as the intermediary between operator and game vendor, meaning that the former do not have to manage every single gaming partner they add.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Game Aggregator in 2024? 

According to the game directory SlotCalatog, there are currently more than 23,000 games produced by over 450 game studios. Tens appear about every year and, while smaller studios will be all too happy to gain a new client, top-level players will think twice before striking a direct deal with a new brand or operator.

One hub – thousands of casino games. As a rule, game aggregators establish partnerships with the most demanded game providers in the market, big or small. They continuously expand their offering by following industry trends and changing market requirements.

One-off API integration. To gain access to thousands of casino games, operators need to dedicate technical resources just for one API integration. This saves hundreds (or even thousands) of hours needed for contracting with game studios directly and all subsequent integrations, not to mention the constant technical support of those integrations.

Favourable terms. Aggregators partner with dozens or even hundreds of casino operators at a time. Their high volumes allow them to negotiate lower rates with game studios and negate expensive setup fees from big-name studios. Even though Game Aggregators charge a mark-up in their monthly fees, the resulting prices for casino operators are still equally or sometimes more attractive compared to working with game providers directly.

New content, no effort. Since game content aggregators are interested in operators making a profit from the games they add, they will update provider game libraries with the latest games. Operators can experiment and see which games fare better with players, as well as mix and match games to find content that appeals specifically to their players.

Unified support center. A Game Aggregator Service Level Agreement (SLA) provides operators a single entry point for solving absolutely all issues related to game content. The account and developer teams behind the Game Aggregator assist at each step of integration and provide ongoing technical support at a very competent level, simplifying resource and stakeholder management. Aggregator teams will check game provider logs, submit queries to game providers, and maintain any and all technical nuances that come with each game provider. 

Numerous monthly promo campaigns. Game vendors are always vying for prominent positions in online casinos. That is why Aggregator clients receive multiple promotion campaigns from vendors to attract and engage players. Promotions for casino operators can include tournaments where the prize pool is funded by the game studio several times a month and much more. As a single entry point with information about all promo campaigns, the Game Aggregator informs operators about new offers by game providers, helping them navigate and pick the best promos.

How to Choose a Game Content Aggregator?

  1. Ask around. If you are someone from the industry, you will know that word about the best offers travels fast. Even game providers themselves can recommend a reliable game aggregator solution partner to start an iGaming brand or complement your existing game library.
  2. Check rates. Compare the revenue share terms of game providers and studios. Not everyone will have the same conditions, or even the same game content. Ask your partner if they can negotiate rates with the game provider in case your betting volumes increase.
  3. Speak to the team. Reach out to the aggregation platform to speak to the people behind the brand. This can help inform your decision based on the impression the software provider casts and on how knowledgeable they prove to be.
  4. Expect nothing short of exceptional. Maintaining tens of game providers is a hard business, one that needs to be managed efficiently. Great game aggregation platforms need to back up their offer with top-notch customer service, responsible communication and full accountability. Ask your potential partner about their SLA policies.

Game Aggregator Benefits


A game aggregator is a quiсk and cost-effective solution that allows you to get and manage casino content easily. Due to the demand for the solution, there is a range of Game Aggregators from leading iGaming software development companies on the market.

When choosing a Game Aggregator, operators should pay attention not only to the impressive array of integrated game studios, but also to the technical side of the software as well as the feedback about the quality of the support service.

SOFTSWISS offers one of the largest Game Aggregators in the market. Our portfolio brings together more than 250 of the best casino game vendors with over 20,000 mobile-friendly and multilingual games, available via one API integration. 

The SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator team is ready to consult and assist operators with any issues related to casino gaming content.

If game aggregation software has piqued your interest and you are looking for a reliable Game Aggregator contact us directly.

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