SoftSwiss-powered casinos now come with PWA capabilities

We are excited to announce that we are set to launch the Progressive Web Application for Softswiss-powered casinos. 

Players require round-the-clock access to their fondest casinos, pushing сasino providers to make it possible anytime from any device. Here at SoftSwiss we restlessly strive to satisfy our players’ needs, so from now on, you can enjoy your favorite casino games right on your mobile phone after just one click. 

What is Progressive Web Application?

A Progressive Web Application (PWA) is a browser-based application that has become an alternative to a native mobile app. It’s a hybrid of regular web pages and a mobile application that looks and behaves as if it was a mobile app.

How to Use the PWA?

PWA takes advantage of mobile apps features but doesn’t require the user to visit an app store, make a purchase or download any software locally. The technology supports installation of the application through a browser. It starts as a normal casino web page and just one click on the button “Add to Home Screen” allows Android players to add the casino on their mobile phone when it comes to android users. For iOS devices just one quick additional step is required to enjoy the smooth casino experience.

What Are the Main Specific Features That Make PWA Differ?

Reliable: PWAs are able to load when there is no network or fairly low-speed network. They are still lightning fast when loading. 

Fast: Progressively loading content, smooth animations and lag-free scrolling provide for a smoother, much better user experience. 

Responsive: The app fits in all different sizes of devices.

Engaging: The app keeps users engaged. A PWA provides features like push notifications, home screen icon and a full-screen to immerse players even more.

The ability to add your favorite casino application on any device is a big step towards user convenience, which leads to a positive impact on the performance of our customers’ casinos. PWA capabilities can increase the player conversion and lifetime value (LTV) indicators.

Pretty soon the application will be available for SoftSwiss customers. Players can enjoy their favorite casino games on their mobile phone just by clicking the download button.

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