SEO for Online Casino Promotion


One of the most frequently asked questions an online casino sales manager is asked by a potential customer is how to make my website competitive and when it starts bringing profit. Indeed, promoting a newly-launched online casino is not a simple matter. Many traditional channels wouldn’t work for online casino promotion: TV/radio advertising and media banners for online games marketing are prohibited in many countries.

SEO often turns out to be a viable solution in your online casino marketing strategy.  Aimed at promoting your website in search engines, it works on increasing the traffic and bringing players to the casino. The important thing is, it brings 100% relevant traffic, i.e. attracts only the users you are targeting and those who are ready to start playing – a criterion which is very hard to meet with other marketing tools.

Online casino SEO starts with geographic targeting. It is vital to correctly define the countries or regions your site will be promoted in. After that, our SEO experts will analyze the demand in the defined region and create a semantic nucleus consisting of the keywords which are most commonly used in relevant queries.

Then actual site optimization starts. It involves working on improving the website HTML code and adjusting the content according to the defined nucleus, adding necessary pages, connecting the casino website to Google+ and Facebook accounts, and exchanging links.

It is important to understand, however, that the effect is not immediate and greatly depends on the number of competitors in the targeted market, on how actively they do SEO, on the domain names you’ve chosen for your casino, etc. Usually, about 6 months is needed to reach the highest positions. Making this quicker is not always safe and can bring to the opposite effect: the site will be banned by search engines.

One of the indisputable advantages that SEO offers is complete transparency and accountancy. From the initial estimate of target traffic to monthly reports on the positions reached and the traffic generated, you get a clear picture of the work which is performed and the money spent.

Thus, taking into account a large number of peculiarities, possibilities and hidden risks that online casino SEO incorporates, it’s good to have a trusted partner who knows the job well and can take care of the full cycle of search engine optimization from targeting to the website HTML-code and content optimization to link building.  SEO does not guarantee any certain profit, because how do you know how much money each SEO-generated user brings? But it does help make your site popular and competitive like no other online casino marketing tool would do.

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