Instant Cashout vs Approved Cashout in Online Bitcoin Casino

Instant cashout vs approved cashout: player convenience or greater control over funds for casino owner – SOFTSWISS can offer the right balance with an intelligent algorithm.

The Player’s Perspective: Ease of Cashout

It is no secret that cashout process is one of the most irritating procedures in the online gambling industry. When a player makes a deposit at an online casino it is only a matter of minutes. If luck has been on the player’s side and they request a cashout – all of a sudden it turns into quite a procedure. In times when everyone is so concerned about protecting their identity on the web, casino that you only recently started playing on requests your personal documents to process a cashout. Even if all checks out, with the time it takes for the casino team to review and approve the cashout, funds may take around a week and even more to land in your account. However, the vast majority of reputable licensed casinos will do everything in their power to process cashouts in a timely manner and will never use player documents for anything other than confirming their identity. After all, Know Your Customer is a typical stage for any business related to accepting and transferring money.

The Casino’s Standpoint: Security and Control

Now, looking at it from casino owners’ standpoint, the approval process is important not only a part of the KYC. Online casinos popular with players also have to be concerned with risks of inside foul play, fraud or money laundering. This makes the review of cashout, including player documents, history of bets, playthrough and deposits etc. casino staff’s last chance to prevent unearned funds from being paid out. However, some forward-looking casinos have already implemented instant cashouts, giving them a strong competitive edge. The emergence of Bitcoin shifted the balance in favour of instant cashout since cryptocurrency is fully anonymous making verification pointless. So is there an optimal balance between players’ interests and owners’?

SOFTSWISS’ Intelligent Algorithm: a Solution

After careful analysis, the team at SOFTSWISS decided to develop an intelligent algorithm that helps resolve the issue. Our software tracks a number of parameters including cashout amount, player’s deposit and bonus history, betting patterns, unusual winning spikes and several other factors. If cashout clears certain checkpoints, it is released to the player immediately. In case it fails to clear even one parameter, cashout is flagged and brought to the attention of an administrator. Casino staff can then review all the aspects and see if the cashout is legit or not. The solution can be fine-tuned according to the owner’s preference for each parameter value. Thus, SOFTSWISS provides its customers with another valuable tool aimed at making player experiences more pleasant while keeping a close watch over their casino’s cashflow.

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