SoftSwiss offers setup discount of up to 25% for new Sportsbook clients

The 2020 UEFA European Football Championship is upon us this week, and SoftSwiss continues its limited-time offer with the standard discount option for all new SoftSwiss Sportsbook clients. The offer includes up to 25% off on setup costs for Sportsbook and is valid until the end of the tournament (July 11th inclusively). 

EURO 2020 is finally here and officially kicks off this Friday. Hence why SoftSwiss is giving away a very special discount offer to new and existing clients who are considering launching their sports betting projects with the SoftSwiss Sportsbook. 

The conditions for the standard discount option remain the same as announced previously: 

  • The limited-time offer does not stack up with other discounts. 
  • Both first-time clients and current SoftSwiss Online Casino Platform clients are eligible.
  • The discount applies solely to the SoftSwiss Sportsbook solution (excluding all other products and services provided by SoftSwiss). 
  • Bundle projects including both SoftSwiss Sportsbook and Online Casino solutions will receive a flat discount option, which is equal to a White Label or Turnkey project.

Alexander Kamenetskyi, Product Owner of SoftSwiss Sportsbook, noted: “We all cannot wait until the start of the tournament that the whole of Europe, and I guess the world, has been waiting for so long! We wanted to celebrate this major event alongside our clients, so we decided to give something truly special to all those wishing to come on board with us this June! We are very excited and hoping to see many new interesting projects join us on our journey with the SoftSwiss Sportsbook”. 

The limited-time offer started at the end of May and has already attracted massive attention to the sports betting industry newcomer. The provided discount of up to 25% marks the second phase of the limited-time offer and will last until the very end of the EURO 2020 tournament (July 11th).  

SoftSwiss Sportsbook Platform was officially released in late 2020 and has been consistently expanding ever since, including its recent strategic move to the Indian market with the newly-launched Premium Cricket package.

Sportsbook keeps on heavily investing in R&D and innovation, as just this week the sports betting software brand launched brand-new functionality for players introducing three different types of free bets — NoRisk, AllWin, and OnlyWin — ahead of the grand summer of events.

Many more features are planned to be added later in 2021. 

Reach out to the SoftSwiss Business Development team for more details.

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