Provably Fair Casino:

“Provably fair” is one of the most important criteria by which demanding and knowledgeable players choose their trusted Bitcoin casino. Having a possibility to verify the outcome of your play and make sure that no figure could have been altered provides you with extra sense of security and motivates for further spending. What else does a casino operator need?

As simple as it seems from the player point of view, implementation of the “provability” is quite challenging and time-consuming from the technological point of view. Each game variety has its own peculiarities and making slots provably fair is not the same as making roulettes provably fair. Each game requires customization and a special user interface needs to be created.

We’ve been always aware of the necessity of including “provably fair” games into our Bitcoin casino package. After evaluating various approaches to technical implementation and researching on different solutions already available on the market, we came up with a unique and advance “provability” which has been first presented in Casino.

Just to provide some insight into how “provability” works for slots. We use a certified random number generator to produce the result for each spin of reels. Then, this result and another randomly generated number called “secret” are hashed with the use of a special hashing algorithm to create a so-called “fingerprint”.  Each fingerprint is unique for a particular spin of reels and a particular secret.

The player is also given a chance to influence the outcome of the game by entering his client seed, any number from 0 to 9. Then bets are placed and the game is played. At the end of each game, we show to the user all data which formed the outcome of the game: result + secret, the fingerprint (hash of the result + secret), client seed, and the final result. The user can check the outcome of the game either by using our specially developed widget or a third-party tool. Casino is putting “provability” alongside with less traditional and a bit ironic design as its main competitive advantage over other Bitcoin casinos available in the market. We strongly believe that these guys with their ambitious ideas and proactive approach have high chances to succeed.

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