Mind-blowing Bitcoin Win on Bitstars.net!

A truly epic win just happened in one of our client’s casinos. On Sunday, 3 August 2014, a Bitstars.net member bet 0.03 BTC on a slot game and then, as luckily as it gets… turned it into 66.96 BTC, an equivalent of $40,000!

At first nobody could believe that (including ourselves!), but if there is a pang of luck, there is a pang of luck. We sincerely congratulate the winner on what is likely to become a turning point in his life.

We know such winnings are hard to grasp, so it’s natural there are a lot of disbelievers. As the gaming platform developer for Bitstars.net, we confirm the winning did take place and so does Amatic Industries, the game provider.

According to the lucky winner, Bitstars.net team was very professional in arranging the settlement of the payment to him, which made him “feel like a VIP player”. The settlement is happening in installments with most of the amount already paid to the winner at the time of writing.

The luck-bringing game is Eye of Ra, one of the recent additions to Bitstars.net. It is one of the 20 games made by Amatic Industries that are now available in this burgeoning Bitcoin casino.

Amatic Industries is a famous Austrian manufacturer of slot machines with impeccable reputation and 20+ years of industry experience. Their fabulous, high-quality games that players know from land-based casinos can now be played for both Bitcoin and fiat currencies online.

SoftSwiss is proud to be the first authorized partner of Amatic Industries in the online world. Our client Bitstars.net became the first Bitcoin casino on the globe to feature games from a physical casino machines supplier.

By the way, if you would like to try out Amatic games for fiat currencies, you are also welcome at Princess Star Casino. This is SoftSwiss’ newest project delivered for Princess World Group, whose chain of land-based casinos in Europe, Africa and Latin America is visited by 70,000 people daily.


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