Bitcoin Casino Software

Bitcoin Casino Software

Bitcoin is a decentralised crypto-currency first introduced in 2009. It was developed with open-source specifications and software based on peer-to-peer network for transaction processing and validation. Anyone can purchase Bitcoin at one of the trustable exchanges, create a wallet and use it as a payment method to buy goods or services. You can simply make a transfer from an address of your wallet to an address of the recipient’s wallet.

Bitcoin Casino Software

As a forward-looking online casino software provider, SOFTSWISS noticed the emergence of Bitcoin as a popular alternative to both traditional currencies and electronic money. Gamblers across the globe highly appreciate the mix of increased anonymity and unrivalled transparency that Bitcoin gambling and cryptocurrency casinos have to offer. With this in mind, SOFTSWISS improved our online casino payment processing functionality to introduce Bitcoin either as a sole payment method or as one of other payment options.

Offering Bitcoin as a payment option in your online casino will provide you with a number of competitive advantages and help attract the most advanced gamblers.

•   Significant savings on license application costs and monthly fees
•   Not subject to taxation
•   Faster time to market
•   Increased customer loyalty
•   Complete anonymity for players
•   Full control over finances
•   Fast payment processing
•   Easy exchange into any currency
•   Payments are irreversible
•   Transaction confirmation time takes 15 minutes or less

Your casino running on our Bitcoin software can be made “provably fair” to serve the most scrupulous gamblers. This is achieved by allowing players to ensure that the gambling round outcome has been determined by their input and a secret random number. Chances that the software is rigged are completely eliminated.

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