Jonathan Felix Vilches

Former Regional Business Development Manager in LatAm

Jonathan Felix Vilchez served as the Regional Business Development Manager in LatAm at SOFTSWISS from March 2022 to March 2023, contributing significantly to the company’s strategic growth in Latin America.

With a remarkable background encompassing over 25 years of experience, Jonathan showcased versatile skills beneficial to the iGaming industry. Jonathan demonstrated profound knowledge in developing projects related to sports betting, online casinos, lotteries, virtual games, and more, aligning perfectly with the dynamic trends and challenges in the global iGaming landscape.

His strategic contributions in public relations, coupled with a deep understanding of entertainment production, further strengthened SOFTSWISS’ presence and reputation in the region. Jonathan’s multifaceted skill set played a vital role in advancing the company’s goals and positioning it as a key player in the rapidly evolving iGaming market of Latin America.

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