SOFTSWISS Helps Operators Safeguard EUR 13m+ in 2023

In 2023, SOFTSWISS, an innovative technology company, reported a substantial outcome as the Anti-Fraud team within its SOFTSWISS Managed Services solution helped secure over 13 million euro for clients.

In 2023, the Anti-Fraud team efficiently handled over 100,000 tasks, demonstrating a remarkable 62% increase in its year-on-year output. These encompassed diverse issues, ranging from operator requests and player verifications to reports of suspicious activities.

Predominantly, instances of fraud detected by the SOFTSWISS Anti-Fraud team were related to bonus abuse, with a smaller percentage associated with money laundering. The remaining cases involved chargeback incidents, abuse of payment systems, and various other forms of fraudulent activities.

Ilya Nesterov, Anti-Fraud Team Lead, comments: “In addition to this, the team has successfully addressed over 200 player complaints submitted to regulators or industry forums. Drawing upon our vast expertise, we meticulously analyse each challenging case, offering operators thoughtful consultations on how to settle issues before they escalate. 

Through the efficient resolution of the named disputes and complaints submitted by players, we were able to aid SOFTSWISS clients save an additional 350,000 euro. This underscores our dedication to delivering exceptional service and ensuring the success of our clients in the dynamic landscape of the iGaming industry.”

In its dedication to Responsible Gambling principles, SOFTSWISS is crafting an advanced automated tool to diligently monitor players for any suspicious behaviours and evaluate corresponding risk levels. This innovative system utilises a comprehensive range of available metrics and indicators to enhance accuracy and effectiveness in identifying potential risks.

Integral to the SOFTSWISS Managed Services, the Anti-Fraud Support plays a crucial role in this all-encompassing solution designed to foster the advancement of iGaming brands. More than 200 casino brands have already embraced the advantages of the Managed Services solution, establishing themselves as dedicated clients of SOFTSWISS.

Delivering essential services encompassing First Line Support, VIP Player Support, Player Retention and Reactivation, and Content Management, SOFTSWISS Managed Services function as a bridge between operators and their players. The services help optimise casino operations, ensuring a frictionless gaming experience for all involved.

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