SOFTSWISS’ Take on SBC Summit Barcelona

This September, SOFTSWISS left a lasting impression at the SBC Summit 2023 in Barcelona. Inspired by the visionary spirit of Salvador Dali and other celebrated Spanish artists, SOFTSWISS realised a new creative concept which portrays the product ecosystem as modern industry classics, embodying the timeless essence of excellence. 

The company’s vibrant concept has redefined the perception of success in the iGaming industry, capturing the attention and recognition of all attendees. Backed with the slogan ‘Make your Business a Classic,’ the experts introduced visitors to comprehensive and robust solutions that have the potential to propel iGaming businesses of any scale to phenomenal success. 



Embracing the creative concept, the SOFTSWISS stand underwent a metamorphosis, resembling a museum pavilion adorned with original paintings dedicated to each of the provider’s product offerings. SOFTSWISS’ artistic display caught the eye of every visitor, garnering enthusiastic praise and establishing a new gold standard for creative campaigns in the industry.

Alexandra Kavelich, Head of PR & Events at SOFTSWISS, describes the new concept: “Just like visionaries Dali and Picasso dared to push the boundaries in the art world, carving out new forms and pioneering innovation in their field, SOFTSWISS embraces a similar spirit. We infuse this energy into our product ecosystem, representing progress, foresight, and a determination to become a classic in the iGaming industry.”

Jan Kowalchyk, Business Development Director at SBC, shares his impressions about the SOFTSWISS presence at the exhibition: “I really loved this year’s SOFTSWISS stand at the SBC Summit. It was three times the size of last year’s and unquestionably the most stunning booth at the event. The design was impeccable, with a glossy white finish, and there were artistic paintings representing each of the company’s products that truly made the booth stand out among the 350 exhibitors. I’d give it a perfect 10 out of 10.”



The SOFTSWISS delegation had a highly successful exhibition. They had productive meetings with clients and partners, established new connections, explored potential collaborations, and showcased exciting product updates generating industry buzz.

Notably,  the cross-product integration of the Game Aggregator and the Jackpot Aggregator via a seamless one-time API connection had already delivered substantial benefits to clients. These two products had been previously successfully integrated with the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, a gamified sports betting platform featuring a distinctive range of bonuses.


This year, the conference program featured a wealth of industry professionals who shared valuable insights on various topics. SOFTSWISS was no exception and captured visitors’ attention with an engaging and enlightening presentation about the significance of retention in the iGaming industry. Anastasiya Tsikhanava, Business Development Manager at SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator, took the stage to discuss  ‘Why Retention is the Strategy for Success?’ and shared profound insights and the company’s extensive experience in this field.



Olga Resiga, Chief Business Development Officer at SOFTSWISS, summarises: “At SBC Summit Barcelona 2023, we showcased the latest SOFTSWISS developments while exploring new opportunities. The event served as a catalyst for turning ideas into action, and our meetings with clients and partners reinforced our confidence in achieving success together. We are proud that our team stands at the centre of the evolution of this dynamic industry. Just as Dalí’s artworks have achieved timeless excellence and become classics, our innovative solutions will continue to propel our client’s businesses to resounding success.”


To catch a glimpse of the event’s atmosphere, follow the links to watch the videos of Day 1 and Day 2. The upcoming opportunities to meet the SOFTSWISS team in 2023 are the SBC Summit LatAm and SiGMA Europe 2023. Keep an eye out for updates!

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