SoftSwiss online casino platform completes Twilio integration

In the world of online casinos, customer retention is no less important than customer acquisition. With this in mind, SoftSwiss recently completed the integration with a new third party gadget – Twilio. The new addition is meant to help reduce user attrition rate as well as to expand player retention capabilities., the current software platform for e-mail campaigns and automatic notifications, already enables operators to execute intricate promotional campaigns. These can target particular segments of users based on such factors as currency, login country, affiliate tag and player group to name a few. Players can therefore be kept in the loop about the latest news and offers.

The integration with Twilio now allows to verify player accounts via SMS confirmations, therefore also enhancing duplicate account detection through registered phone numbers. Similarly, it can be used to send out planned or triggered marketing campaigns as text messages directly to players’ mobile devices.

The combined might of Twilio and now boosts the functionality at the operators’ disposal, allowing them to broaden their outreach to players, introduce tighter security and diversify available customer retention methods. SoftSwiss hopes this will be a useful addition to the wide array of already available tools for operators to take advantage of in growing their online business.

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