SoftSwiss Launches A Marketing Expert Package

Chances for successful launch of iGaming business are certainly much higher when founders have solid experience in online and offline marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO and other relevant expertise. Such entrants to iGaming marketplace have the profound knowledge of how to effectively promote a new company in the field. However, those entrepreneurs often have their funds tied up in their core business. This makes their available capital insufficient to cover start up expenses like software set up cost, company registration and licensing, initial bankroll etc.

SoftSwiss now offers such marketing experts an easier opportunity to enter the market. We are glad to offer our software at greatly reduced set up cost in return for higher royalties to iGaming entrepreneurs with solid marketing plan. This is mutually beneficial: startupers need a lot smaller budget to get their online casino or sports book up and running. Overall, it is a win-win situation where we provide marketing experts a chance to launch their online gambling business with minimal upfront capital.


Lower software set up costs;
Higher budget that could be directed to marketing;
Consulting on the most cost-effective approach to registering and licensing iGaming startup.


Provable expertise in online and offline marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, iGaming consulting et.c.
Marketing plan outlining promotion of the new online gaming company.

So if you believe you have what it takes to launch a successful iGaming startup – SoftSwiss would love to hear from you and consider cooperation.

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