SoftSwiss Adds “Max Bet Bonus Protection” Feature to its Online Casino Platform

SoftSwiss has completed an important technical implementation that makes the life of many players easier: the max bet bonus protection feature. This new feature allows setting limits to maximum bets for players with active bonuses.

In most casinos, if you look at their bonus conditions, you can read that players are not supposed to go over a certain bet amount within one bonus wagering round, i.e. when they have an active bonus on their balances. However, not everyone reads these conditions carefully and takes note of the amount not to be exceeded. What could happen next is that the player makes a higher bet thus breaching the bonus terms — which means that the casino now reserves the right to confiscate both the bonus and winnings attributed to it. This is of course pure stress and frustration. Players are left with the feeling of being not treated faithfully by the casino.

Many online casino operators working with SoftSwiss online casino platform encountered such situations in the past and had to deal with unhappy players. It wasn’t hard for players to click the “Max Bet” button without thinking and get their efforts ruined together with the whole play. This is why SoftSwiss came up with the max bonus protection feature to help players always keep their play under control.

Now, when a player enters a game and tries to exceed a max bet amount, the game automatically shows an error message reading “You have reached your play limit. Welcome back later” (or similar wording). The player is safe from making higher bets either by mistake or without really knowing the terms.

The max bet bonus protection functionality also solves many questions for the operator. As it is sometimes hard to decide whether the player really exceeds the limit unintentionally or if it is a fraud attempt, the operator has to investigate each case and treat each player in question individually. When the max bet limit is set automatically, there is no place for argument between the operator and the player.

As crucial as the feature may seem, it is not common on the market. Besides SoftSwiss, we know of just a few providers who integrated the max bet protection into their software. With this said, the functionality delivered by SoftSwiss boasts high-quality technical implementation and is really easy to tune on the admin side.

Any enhancement that makes the casino experience better is always welcomed by players. We really hope that casinos operating with SoftSwiss platform will now enjoy even more player loyalty and we will keep working on enhancing our platform with new exciting features.

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