New Features to Enhance SoftSwiss Platform: Tournaments and Comp Points

SoftSwiss is happy to introduce the new features which have been recently added to the platform and which our clients can already evaluate in real time. These are tournaments and comp points. Both functionalities have been developed as specific tools to help casino operators create a better player retention strategy and have more players coming back to the casino for an exciting gameplay.

Tournaments Inside the Casino

Limited-time tournaments help fuel casino users’ interest in the game and make them want to compete with each other. Although this popular feature is present in other software platforms, SoftSwiss has implemented it in a unique way. For instance, tournaments in SoftSwiss platform have various participation critetia and offer different ways of selecting and awarding winners.

Casino administrators also have a variety of settings to make each new tournament unique and adjust it according to their particular vision.

Participation of players in tournaments can be:

Automatic: All real players participate by default without any action required.
Confirmation based: In order to participate players confirm their intention by pressing the “Join” button.
Buy-in based: Players pay an entry fee to participate.

Tournament types depend on the strategy used to select the winner or winners.

Money value of bets: The winner is the one with the biggest sum of bets (in money equivalent).
Number of bets made: The winner is the one who makes the most bets, regardless of bet size.
Highest score: The winner is the one with the highest ratio of win amount to bet amount.

It is possible to choose types of prizes (like real money, bonus money with free spins, comp points, or even physical prizes), prize pool and tournament budget, number of winning places, games that count towards tournament results, minimum bet, tournament start and finish time, and a range of other parameters.

Speaking of the tournament budget, it is possible to either set a fixed prize amount or make a “progressive” prize pool, which means that the prize pool will be funded by portions of each participant’s bet, in the same manner as a progressive jackpot is accumulated over time and paid to the lucky winner.

Players on the casino website will see all current and upcoming tournaments the casino is holding, their ongoing progress in the ones they are participating in, as well as leaderboards for each current tournament. You can also set up automatic notifications to players about the beginning or the end of any tournament, as well as notifications to lucky winners.

Comp Points

Accumulation of Comp Points is another important client retention tool added to SoftSwiss platform. Comp Points, also known as Frequent Player Points, are awarded to players as they make bets depending on the amount wagered. These amounts can be set separately for each currency. For example, 1 comp point is awarded for every EUR 100 or 115 USD or 70 GBP wagered. All bets count, regardless of whether they are made with real or bonus money.

There are two types of Comp Points: redeemable points which can be exchanged for real money, bonuses or free spins, and status points which accumulate and stay on player accounts forever. The latter ones are used to define player statuses in the casino, which is another killer feature we are gradually releasing. For example, casino administrators will be able to differentiate bonuses depending on player status.

For easier administration, Comp Points are broken into micropoints in the administration panel, where 1 point is 1,000,000 micropoints. Administrators can also see how many points of each type the player has, add, take away or redeem comp points manually, as well as view the history of all Comp Points issued to the casino players.

Now, when these new features are available, casinos operating on SoftSwiss platform are able to offer even a more exciting gaming experience to their users and stand out among other casinos in the market. SoftSwiss team, in their turn, will continue researching on further possible platform improvements and bringing new ideas of successful casino operation to life.

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