“Wild Texas”. A New Video Poker Game by SoftSwiss

Video poker is one of the most widely played casino games. First video poker games appeared when personal computers were invented. They gained significant popularity in land-based casinos since many people were more comfortable playing with a device than at a table with other casino visitors. It promised a certain grade of confidentiality and seemed to be less intimidating.

When online casinos appeared, online video poker immediately became part of a standard game set. Also called video poker for winners, it attracts numerous users and helps extend online casino client database. Major benefits that internet video poker offers are a low house edge compared to other games where the house is believed to always have the advantage, high chance of large wins, and the anonymity of playing.

With all the advantages of a traditional video poker game played in video poker slots, online video poker offers even a more exciting gaming experience. You can play your favorite video poker in your web browser as often as you want. The innovative technologies used in video poker software provide high speed of performance, and the superb design offers great visual effects.

Inspired by the success of the other poker variations included in SoftSwiss online casino packages, we decided to add video poker games into our portfolio. Wild Texas was the first one to come out. It is a variation of the traditional Joker’s Wild but with some specific features, alternative pay table and exclusive design. The game is based on the latest state-of-the-art technologies and created according to the industry best practices. Developed in Flash, it has impressively fresh appearance and boasts high stability of performance. The design features the Wild West theme and evokes the picture of American cowboys sitting in a smoky town saloon with a glass of whisky and a cigar. The game has a multi hand feature for playing numerous hands simultaneously to allow faster wagering by eliminating the steps made to start each new hand.

The next game to be launched is Jacks or Better. It is coming up on February 1st and will be presented at ICE Totally Gaming London 2013.

Both games are accompanied by video poker tips and detailed instructions on how to play video poker for the beginners.

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