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Take a break and read an exciting interview with our CCO Max Trafimovich for GamblersPick. As a person who works in the industry for years, Max gave insights on the nuances of launching an online casino and talked about the rapid growth of the SoftSwiss Game Aggregator.  What’s more, he confided the latest endeavors and the future of SoftSwiss. 

In our latest interview, we caught up with Max Trafimovich , the CCO of SoftSwiss, an iGaming company focused on developing powerful full-scale solutions for anyone looking to operate a gaming business. This was a great opportunity to talk about their latest endeavors and get some glimpses into what the future might look like for SoftSwiss.

GP: Hello and thank you for taking time from your busy day to do this interview. First of all, can you just give us a quick overview of the company for our readers – when was SoftSwiss established and what it is exactly the company does?

Max: Our software company took root in 2008, but it’s only since 2012 that we’ve been around in iGaming. All these years were marked by solid growth, and last week we welcomed our 300th employee.  Our main focus is software solutions for iGaming business.

Among the products SoftSwiss provides are our high-end Online Casino Platform, a Game Aggregator with thousands of casino games, an Affiliate Marketing Platform, and Sports Betting Platform launched just now. We hold gaming licenses in Malta, Curacao and Estonia, which allows for providing White Label solutions by taking care of all technical, legal and financial processes on behalf of our partners.

Furthermore, we have long been regarded as the leading technical expert when it comes to the use of cryptocurrencies in iGaming. SoftSwiss was the first to introduce a Bitcoin-optimized casino platform back in 2013, a unique software product at the time.

GP: Can you explain to us the process of launching the online casino via your platform? How difficult it is for someone to get started if they were to come to you and say they wanted a fully functional online casino or a betting site?

Max: As a solutions provider working on a revenue share model, we are more than willing to share our experience and help future iGaming business owners make the process of starting an online casino (or a sportsbook) as simple as possible. We really want new partners to avoid common mistakes that may impede their business operation. In order to facilitate the launch of an iGaming website, we offer a “White Label” scheme which means leasing software together with our gaming license and merchant accounts, and operating your website under your own brand but with the ready-to-use infrastructure.

Our operators get a fresh, ready-made solution and literally after the setup they can start accepting deposits, focusing on marketing and attracting players. Generally, the project delivery process consists of three parts. Firstly, we roll out an instance of our platform and tweak it, setting up available currencies, bonus policies, and moving other delicate technical gears. Simultaneously, we start the work with third parties such as the gaming regulator, payment systems and game providers.

If this is a White Label, we officially apply for approval to use our own gambling license to operate a new casino brand. At the same stage, we connect game studios and/or odds feeds providers, plug email messaging and marketing automation platforms of choice. This happens behind the curtains. The most “palpable” part, though, is the look-and-feel of the future gaming website. We have a professional team of designers and frontend developers to deliver this as well. Alternatively this can be done on the client’s side. At the end we test everything rigidly, eliminate bugs if any, and wrap it all up with a nice ribbon. But now the most difficult part starts: real operation.

GP: In addition to offering a full-scale gaming platform, you have the Game Aggregator. Can you tell us a bit more about that segment of the business and what is unique about the SoftSwiss Game Aggregator solution?

Max: Our Aggregator is a “game hub” that gives existing gaming websites access to a plethora of game providers after only one-time technical integration. We have established warm relationships with the most popular casino game providers. Following one integration, you have more than 50 vendors and over 8,000 game titles to choose from. This allows operators to save hundreds (or even thousands) of development hours, which would be needed for contracting with game studios directly and all subsequent integrations.

Perhaps a more important advantage is a unified support center which provides operators a single entry point for solving absolutely any issues related to game content. The SoftSwiss team assists at each step of integration and renders ongoing technical support at a very competent level. This simplifies our clients’ business management, and that’s why they really like us. Then there are commercial rates for the games.

SoftSwiss can produce some of the best offers on the market. We always strive to achieve favorable conditions with game providers, given our volumes, which in turn lets our clients keep their operational costs under control. One figure I could share today is that in November 2019 our Game Aggregator passed the threshold of 1,000,000,000 Euros in total monthly volume of bets. Not only this speaks of our size, but it also means we easily handle high loads technically and are definitely prepared for another billion soon.

GP: What does the future look like for SoftSwiss? Are there any immediate or long-term goals you could share with our readers?

Max: Well, we just stay true to the course of being the leading iGaming software provider. We place specific emphasis on the improvement of our products. Currently, we focus on the wide dissemination of the recently released Sports Betting Platform. The Sportsbook inherits all favorite features from our casino platform: high reliability, advanced player segmentation, and flexibility for operators’ marketing needs.

We continue boosting the capabilities of our Affiliate Marketing software, which is supplied fully integrated with our gaming platform or separately. The distinguishing features of the Affiliate Platform are its super flexible partner commission builder, built-in payment processing (finally someone does it!), support of multiple affiliate tiers, tight integration with email automation tools. What’s more, right now we are in the process of developing a couple of new products, pretty disruptive I would say, which will be announced in the Summer. Stay tuned folks!

Another objective is to grow presence in regulated markets and enter new regions of Asia, Africa, and Latam, where our White Label operators are already taking the first but sure steps. (By the way, we now have by far the most complete payment providers offer for Japan. And pretty soon we will be on the top when it comes to payments for India and Latam.) Certainly, we don’t intend to stop here. We are determined to continue blazing the trail in iGaming with new products and consistently high standards of quality. I’m really glad to be here and to influence this whole hard, fun story.

Source: Future of White Labels: Interview with SoftSwiss CCO Max Trafimovich, by Zvonimir Potocki. GamblersPick,  Feb 22, 2020  

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