Bitcoin4iGaming: SoftSwiss Sponsors the Conference and Speaks at one of the Events

With a strong belief in the fact that the future of iGaming is connected to further development of Bitcoin, SoftSwiss is constantly working on research and implementation of the cryptocurrency in its solutions for online gambling. Our extensive experience is setting up a number of successful Bitcoin casinos allows sharing some valuable ideas regarding the core aspects of this new type of gambling, from technological challenges of Bitcoin payment processing to commercial advantages it brings to casino operators.

SoftSwiss is glad to use another opportunity to bring the idea of Bitcoin importance for the online gaming to masses and become one of the sponsors of Bitcoin4iGaming, a conference that will take place on 24 Nov 2014 in London, UK.

Organizers of the conference aim at bringing the worlds of cryptocurrencies and iGaming under one roof and with the help of expert speakers prove that Bitcoin is the future of digital payments. The event unites Altcoin communities and professionals in IT and gaming to discuss the current legal situation and regulatory aspects of Bitcoin entertainment, technological challenges of secure payment processing, potential risks and disasters connected to Bitcoin, and the commercial advantages of offering Bitcoin games from the operators’ point of view. Besides, the conference will also dwell upon such topics as the economic future of Bitcoin in the real world and non-gaming industries. Finally, one of the topics will be devoted to other non-fiat cryptocurrencies with the focus on the most promising ones.

SoftSwiss CEO will be an expert speaker at the session “The advantages of Bitcoin for iGaming”. Ivan Montik will share his company experience and based on the real cases, describe the opportunities and bottlenecks of operating a Bitcoin casino. The session promises to bring value to both, software and game content providers who wish to adapt their products to Bitcoin, and to online casino operators who consider to enter the cryptocurrency gaming market but need more detail on how to do this most effectively.

If you belong to one of the segments or are just curious to learn more about Bitcoin and its place in iGaming, join SoftSwiss at Bitcoin4iGaming in the coming November.

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