Koi Princess

Koi Princess is a video slot game released by NetEnt. This beautifully designed slot will let you dip into a world of Anime and Manga as it is getting more and more popular all over the world.

The slot lets you touch the mysterious oriental culture. Visit sakura gardens and enjoy a Japanese soundtrack at the background. A beautiful Asian-looking kawaii princess is standing left to the reels supporting you. The princess encourages you to look for the ancient Golden Dragon.

This is truly an awesome-looking slot. Manga and anime fans will be fascinated with this game. This incredible online casino game is fully packed with diverse incentives. It has 4 features that can be randomly triggered during the main game, 4 different bonus features and the “Bonus Bet” mode. The last feature serves to increase the chance of activating other features.

The Bonus Bet mode
As soon as you begin playing Koi Princess you can choose whether you like to play in the “Bonus Bet” mode or not. If you wish to play in the bonus mode, the cost per spin is doubled and the chances of having the Random Feature in the time of the main game grow. In addition the winnings you receive during “Bonus Wheel” feature increase. You can activate or deactivate the “Bonus Bet” mode anytime between 2 game rounds.

Wild symbols
Regular Wild symbols can replace all symbols (excluding Bonus Feature symbols) and can pop up anywhere on the reels in the base game. Special Wild symbols (expanding and random wilds) can show up during random features and bonus features of the video slot.

Random features
While playing in the main game the random features can emerge. Note that there is only one random feature that can be activated for a single spin. You can not trigger any of the random features during Bonus Features.
• The Random Wild feature brings you one spin with Wild symbols randomly appearing on the reels. They will replace other symbols in the following re-spin.
• If Wild Reels Random feature is activated you receive 1 spin and the wild symbols will cover the reels.
• When 5-hit random feature is activated you can earn 1 spin. And it guarantees you 5 symbols of the same kind during a re-spin. Once the wheel of fortune is stopped the symbols will capture the winning line.
• The Bonus Activation Feature automatically brings you 1 spin with 3 bonus game symbols. After that only one of the following bonus features can be activated.

Bonus Features
• In the Sure Win Free Spins feature you will get 10 free spins with a large amount of Wild symbols. You can also re-trigger the feature.
• Coin Win feature gives you a quick coin win of the ongoing bet multiplied by a random multiplier.
• If the Bonus Wheel is triggered you can see a wheel of fortune showing on the screen. Then you throw a dice, spin the wheel and then it shows you what prize you get.
• Wild Reels Free Spins feature activates 10 free spins with between 1 and 5 random reels covered with overlay wild symbol.

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