Absolute Live Gaming

Absolute Live Gaming (ALG) is a gaming studio founded in 2019 by the industry veterans with over 14 years of experience in live games production.

The idea came from the fact that on the highly competitive market most of the live games are produced in a custom studio environment, and despite its great look they are lacking the actual casino spirit that is still important for a valuable audience of the land based players with more traditional expectations.

On the other hand there was a need for an affordable solution for casinos, who would like to offer their games online, but not many of them are ready to pay the cost of the studio level equipment.

By mixing these 2 factors the ALG product appeared based on the traditional players expectations and innovative technology – it is a real mix providing a new experience to already famous products. And now it is “probably the best” real casino experience provided online. With a constantly growing number of tables – the 5 available to the public already and more coming shortly.

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