Raman Sayapin

Former Creative Team Project Manager

In 2022, Raman joined SOFTSWISS as a Public Relations Manager, a position he held for nine months. Demonstrating his creative and leadership skills, he was quickly promoted to Creative Team Project Manager, a role he maintained for six months. During his tenure at SOFTSWISS, Raman experienced two trial periods: initially as Public Relations Manager and subsequently as Project Manager within the Creative Marketing Team.

As a former employee, he led an exceptional team of creatives and designers, achieving numerous successes and becoming a standout asset to the company. Under his leadership, the creative team excelled in delivering compelling visual designs, bringing imaginative concepts to fruition.

Raman’s academic journey began at BSU, where he studied law for five years. However, his passion and creativity eventually steered him towards PR and creative marketing. His talent in these areas was recognised with three of his press releases being published by Forbes – a testament to his skills and a point of pride both for him and SOFTSWISS, which valued his contributions during his time with the company.

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Raman Sayapin
Former Creative Team Project Manager

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