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iGaming KPIs

Master the metrics that matter with our comprehensive SOFTSWISS guide – iGaming KPIs.

Compiled by seasoned SOFTSWISS iGaming experts, this exclusive guide illuminates the complex landscape of online casino and sportsbook KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) through:

  • core definitions of top-level and derivative KPIs
  • vital metrics for enhanced player engagement
  • insights into key tools, incl. AI and Machine Learning (ML)
  • forward-thinking insights on iGaming metrics and trends
  • And more!

    Ready to leverage this information for data-driven success in your online casino and sportsbook operations? Submit your details and download your copy now!

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    What we cover

    This exclusive SOFTSWISS guide demystifies the world of iGaming KPIs, providing online casino and sportsbook operators with a strategic edge in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

    Explore in-depth definitions and insights on key metrics, and take a look at the next generation of KPIs enriched by advanced technologies like AI and ML – including, but not limited to, financial, player engagement, and operational metrics.

    The iGaming KPIs: Casino and Sports Betting Glossary also sheds light on analytical tools and emerging trends in iGaming metrics, offering a comprehensive overview to enhance your strategies effectively.

    Eager to stay ahead of the curve with your online casino and sportsbook operations?


    At SOFTSWISS, we’re all about giving you the tools you need to succeed. This iGaming KPIs: Casino and Sports Betting Glossary is our way of sharing what we know, so you can better understand the iGaming metrics you need to make smarter decisions. From clear explanations of important KPIs, to fresh ways to look at your numbers and understand your players, this guide covers it all.

    As iGaming leaders, we’re not just following the industry, we’re helping to shape it. And with this guide by your side, you can too.

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