SOFTSWISS Becomes an Exclusive Partner to Fire & Ice 20th Anniversary Event

SOFTSWISS, an innovative software provider for the industry, becomes part of one of the grandest and brightest events in the iGaming community Fire & Ice 2023! In an exclusive partnership with the organisers, the company will gather friends, partners, and guests at the famous venue Troxy in London to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this legendary iGaming journey. The most awaited special event will take place on 8 February, the same week as ICE London and iGB Affiliate London.

Blazing with the slogan ‘Beyond our Wildest Dreams’, the Fire & Ice special event will bring together the most influential figures and founders of online gaming businesses. According to the organisers, the party will push the limits of entertainment beyond the wildest dreams of all in attendance.

SOFTSWISS is highly honoured to become an exclusive partner to these incredible festivities and support the organisers in hitting such an impressive milestone of two decades in the industry. Working in tandem with Fire & Ice means SOFTSWISS is not only a savvy iGaming expert but one of those blazing the way for the whole industry.  

Valentina Bagniya, Chief Marketing Officer at SOFTSWISS, comments on the event: “We are inspired to be part of this bright celebration as Fire & Ice is undoubtedly the most intriguing and exciting event for the iGaming community. Along with the Fire & Ice team, SOFTSWISS creates the story of iGaming, and we are proud to be an exclusive partner to the 20th anniversary show. This year SOFTSWISS is back in London to showcase new products and present the next chapter of the hot promo campaign we have started in Malta. So, it’s time to bring the heat to London!” 

We are so thankful to SOFTSWISS for supporting what will be, by far, our biggest production to date. This event tells the story of our industry, and it is a huge responsibility for us. It is the most challenging task we have ever undertaken,” comments Michael Caselli, the show organiser and co-host of Fire & Ice 2023.  “You will find yourselves sitting next to those industry grandees you’ve seen on screens and boards. This is the party to celebrate the people who have built a reliable foundation for the industry to thrive in the future.”

Jodie Thind, the event organiser and co-host, adds, “We couldn’t have asked for a better innovative brand to partner with us to make this anniversary event extra special. The journey has been quite incredible, and we see this event as a thank you to everyone in iGaming.”

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