SOFTSWISS Takes Responsible Gaming Award at SiGMA Africa

SOFTSWISS celebrates its success at the SiGMA Africa Awards, triumphing in the Responsible Gaming category. 

SOFTSWISS’ ethical philosophy revolves around the “player comes first” principle, meaning the company is committed to responsible gambling practices. This commitment is conveyed through the dedicated departments on two levels, serving the needs of both operators and players.

SOFTSWISS Managed Services stands at the forefront of promoting responsible gaming practices. The department offers a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to act as a reliable bridge between operators and players, guaranteeing a smooth gaming journey. Providing such essential services as First Line Support, Anti-Fraud Support, VIP Player Support, Player Retention and Reactivation, and Content Management, SOFTSWISS Managed Services significantly elevates the growth trajectory of iGaming brands.

During ambiguous situations, dedicated specialists spot technical errors, provide fraud protection for clients, engage with players directly, and find effective resolutions to each unique issue. In 2023, the Anti-Fraud team helped operators save more than 13 million euro. The team effectively handled over 100 thousand different cases and 200 player complaints.

In communication, SOFTSWISS employs a segmented approach, delivering customised content to different player groups and maintaining a personalised send schedule. This strategy minimises unsubscribe rates (around 0.1%) and ensures ethical and friendly communication, fostering a trusting atmosphere with players.

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To make anti-fraud and suspicious activity prevention even more efficient, we are developing a proprietary Risk Scoring Tool, which is set to revolutionise gaming issues identification. The solution does not just analyse but uses machine learning algorithms to intervene proactively, identifying potential problems in real time for a safer gaming environment.

Constant personnel development and education are a solid basis for ensuring the best industry practices. Over 90% of the Anti-Fraud team hold certificates on responsible gaming from different institutions such as GameCare, Gaming Operations Academy, Sustainable Interaction, and iGaming Academy.

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