Minesweeper is a simple and well-known video game where your purpose is to walk through the minefield avoiding all the mines. The longer you are able to go without landing on a mine, the more handsome your payout will be!

You can choose between field sizes of 2×3, 3×6, 4×9, 5×12, and 6×15. To do so, go to game Settings and select your preferred size under Fields. 1) To begin the game press START. 2) Walk through the minefield. Click any square in the highlighted row to choose your next block on the field.

  • If you land on a safe spot, you win. (Payouts are given at the bottom of each row.)
  • If you land on a mine, you lose your original wager and any previous winnings.

3) You can cash out at any time by clicking TAKE MONEY. But you can also proceed to the next field row for a much greater payout!   Malfunction voids all plays and pays!

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