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2024 iGaming Market Overview: South Africa

Dive into the burgeoning world of South African iGaming with SOFTSWISS’ latest market report – iGaming in South Africa.

Designed for operators contemplating market entry, our report serves as your guide for understanding South Africa’s unique iGaming landscape.

What’s inside:

  • Broad market growth analysis specific to South Africa
  • An overview of the latest legal changes shaping iGaming
  • Insights into local player trends and demographic shifts
  • Tech trends influencing local iGaming businesses
  • Plus, many more invaluable insights!

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    Strategise Your Entry into South Africa

    Ready to cut through the complexities of South Africa’s iGaming sector?

    Packed with essential data and insights, this exclusive SOFTSWISS market report is your guide to success in South African iGaming. Navigate the country’s regulatory landscape, understand market-specific player preferences, and identify the ‘need-to-knows’ for successful online casino or sportsbook ops.

    Harness SOFTSWISS’ 15 years of extensive expertise in iGaming to unlock South Africa’s market potential today.

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    From the SOFTSWISS COO

    South Africa presents a remarkable opportunity for iGaming operators with its evolving landscape and growing market. SOFTSWISS recognises this potential, particularly following our strategic move earlier this year to acquire a majority stake in Turfsport, a leading South African provider of multichannel wagering software. 

    Combining SOFTSWISS’ 15 years of global iGaming expertise with Turfsport’s +35 years of extensive local market knowledge gives us a unique vantage point. Our iGaming in South Africa report crystallises this blend, offering operators an in-depth guide filled with insights essential for thriving in this emerging market.

    Vitali Matsukevich, COO at SOFTSWISS
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