85% of Bets in Crypto Casinos Are Made with In-Game Currency Conversion

A year after the In-Game Currency Conversion feature launched, 85% of all bets in crypto casinos powered by the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform are made via the tool. The Casino Platform team shares valuable insights gained by analysing annual statistics.

The SOFTSWISS Casino Platform introduced the In-Game Currency Conversion feature in 2022 as a crypto-centric solution that unlocks new business opportunities for clients and gives players more freedom of action. The feature allows players to convert their crypto balances into as many as 9 fiat currencies, enabling them to bet in games that natively do not support crypto. This massively expands the range of the content available to crypto-players.

The first thing the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform team noticed is a huge conversion in regular feature users. About 65-70% of players who tried In-Game Currency Conversion at least once continue making over 90% of bets via the built in functionality. These bettors become regular users, signalling that the feature found its niche and achieved product-market fit.

Another valuable insight is that the retention rate of the group of players who use In-Game Currency Conversion is higher than those who do not. It can be helpful in terms of audience segmentation because such players are more valuable. 

Using the tool, users play games over twice as often. In general, the volume of bets generated using the In-Game Currency Conversion feature reaches up to 85% of the total volume of bets on crypto casinos and up to 21% on crypto and fiat ones.

Darya Avtukhovich, Head of SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, comments: “SOFTSWISS is one of the pioneers in crypto gambling, and we continue to be a forward-thinking company, integrating features like In-Game Currency Conversion into our product. We understand the industry requirements thanks to our expertise and analytical work, and the result is the constant evolution of the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, which maintains its status as one of the most reliable on the market.”

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