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For experienced operators looking to establish or expand their online casino or sports betting business in Africa, the South African market offers significant potential. Projected to reach EUR 64.9 million by 2028, this rapidly growing market is a prime location for iGaming opportunity and innovation.

In early 2024, SOFTSWISS took a major step into the South African iGaming sector by acquiring a majority stake in Turfsport, a leading provider of multi-channel wagering solutions. This strategic partnership enables SOFTSWISS to deliver compliant iGaming products tailored to the local market’s needs and legal requirements.

Turfsport’s 35+ years of experience in South Africa, combined with SOFTSWISS’ advanced technology, ensures seamless integration and operation for iGaming operators in this promising market.

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Legal Overview

Operators must navigate the provincial licensing landscape carefully, ensuring compliance with local regulations to operate legally and effectively in South Africa.

Regulatory Framework

Governed by the National Gambling Act of 2004.

Provincial Oversight

Managed by nine provincial regulatory bodies.

Primary Focus

Licensing and regulating online sports betting.

National Legislation

Online casino games permitted as ‘fixed-odds betting’.

Compliance Requirements

Operators must adhere to provincial regulations.

Products Tailored for the South African Market

SOFTSWISS Casino Platform

The SOFTSWISS Casino Platform is designed to meet the specific needs of the South African market, offering a seamless and secure iGaming experience. With GLI South Africa certification and robust compliance features, it ensures adherence to local regulations whilst providing a comprehensive suite of tools for operators to manage their online casinos effectively.


SOFTSWISS Sportsbook

The SOFTSWISS Sportsbook is perfectly suited for South Africa’s avid sports betting audience. GLI South Africa certified, it offers extensive coverage of sports events, including local favourites, with unique gamification tools like bonuses and jackpots. Its lightweight design ensures fast load speeds, crucial for regions with lower internet speeds and costly mobile data. Flexible and customisable, it seamlessly integrates with third-party platforms, enhancing the player experience and supporting business growth.


Affilka by SOFTSWISS

Affilka by SOFTSWISS is a robust affiliate management and tracking software tailored for iGaming. It combines powerful features like built-in payment processing, flexible commission plans, and multi-brand management, all within an intuitive interface. Designed to optimise affiliate marketing programs, Affilka provides detailed reports, strong security, and seamless integration, making it an ideal choice for enhancing affiliate partnerships in South Africa.


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