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iGaming Trends 2024

Gain exclusive insights into the iGaming market – all in one comprehensive report.

Designed to assist B2C operational teams, marketers, account managers, and anyone responsible for growing an iGaming brand, this report provides practical guidance on navigating key trends. It offers balanced perspectives, helping to identify opportunities and avoid pitfalls. Highlights include:

  • Analysis of Malta and Curacao regulations moving into 2024.
  • Local market insights: changes, opportunities, risks.
  • Technology trends overview with a focus on emerging tech.
  • Responsible gambling and ethical strategies.
  • Cybersecurity: avoid these pitfalls at your own risk.
  • Socio-economic impact of iGaming.
  • And more!

    Enhance your understanding of the iGaming landscape for 2024. Download the report for free and join a community of iGaming forward thinkers.

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    iGaming Insights and Intelligence

    Predicting the future is challenging, but with the iGaming Trends report, preparing for it becomes simpler. SOFTSWISS offers a thorough market analysis that equips the community to capitalise on emerging trends and swiftly adapt their strategies for business resilience and prosperity.

    The iGaming Trends 2024 Report provides an in-depth look at the industry’s key domains. From navigating the evolving legal and regulatory landscape to understanding the transformative role of AI, the outlook covers it all. Additionally, SOFTSWISS delves into cybersecurity, player engagement, and effective marketing strategies, helping you secure and grow your business in a competitive market.

    Equip yourself with the insights needed for proactive leadership. Download our report now and take yourself a step ahead.

    From the SOFTSWISS CMO

    At SOFTSWISS, we believe in the transformative impact of shared knowledge and innovation. Our iGaming Trends 2024 Report embodies this axiom. Crafted with precision and care, it draws from almost 15 years of industry expertise, rich data, and surveys. 

    This report isn’t just a collection of insights; it’s a toolkit for empowerment designed to support your business’s growth and security. Embrace a future where informed decisions lead the way. Join us in shaping a more inclusive, informed, and successful iGaming community.

    Valentina Bagniya, CMO at SOFTSWISS
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