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Merkeleon platform is a ready-to use solution for launching and running online marketplaces, auctions or commercial exchanges. Our flexible system combines the cutting-edge technology with a wide range of exclusive features. The platform is easily customizable, which means that we are able to meet the most demanding requirements and find the right solution suitable for your unique business model

Software per aste di gioco

SoftSwiss non si occupa solo di casinò e scommesse, ma anche di aste di gioco. Lanciata diversi anni prima della piattaforma per casinò, la piattaforma per aste online Merkeleon di SoftSwiss è diventata molto popolare tra gli operatori che desideravano accedere al mercato dell’eGaming evitando le complicazioni legali e i problemi di licenza. Pur essendo divertenti come i giochi di casinò e senza dubbio altrettanto proficue, le aste non rientrano ufficialmente nel gioco d'azzardo, pertanto possono essere lanciate sul mercato in modo molto più semplice e veloce. E SoftSwiss può offrirvi il software per aste live per gestire la vostra attività.

La piattaforma per aste online Merkeleon di SoftSwiss è una soluzione personalizzabile e scalabile, caratterizzata da design perfetto, prestazioni senza soluzione di continuità e massima semplicità di funzionamento. Può essere usata come base per diversi tipi di asta. Vi offriamo il software per aste al ribasso online (asta olandese), al centesimo e ad offerta unica.

Classic Auction

The classic auction starts with minimum price. Each time a player places a bid the price of auctioned item increases by a price step. All players know the bids made by other participants. The last maximum price offered by one of the players forms the final price, thus, the buyer who offered the highest price becomes the winner.

  • Participants are attracted by the lot’s starting price, which is usually lower than its market price
  • The seller sets and limits the auction duration
  • To overbid the previous seller, you need to make a bid higher than the previous one by at least the minimum step price
  • The buyer offering the highest price wins and can then buy the product at the final price
Reverse auction

In reverse auction the buyer is interested in a particular good or service. Suppliers are making bids with the amount of money they are ready to receive for providing the good. The bids in reverse auction should go downwards, that way they are lowering the price and the lowest amount wins.

  • Buyers are getting offers from suppliers based on listed product requirements
  • Bids can be hidden from all participants except for the buyer. In this case uppliers can only track their rankings compared to other bidders
  • Not just the lowest price matters. It is possible for the buyer to choose the most overall favorable deal conditions and then define a winner manually
  • The buyer can moderate the list of suppliers by approving only those whose offer the buyer is eager to receive
Asta olandese

Dutch Auction is a type of auction in which the high price of an item is continuously lowered until it gets a bid. The first bid made is the winning bid and results in a sale, assuming that the price is above the reserve price.

  • Dutch auction is a good option when the item needs to be sold quicker, since only one bid is needed to win the auction
  • The auctioneer sets up specific price step by which the price is lowered until the first bid happens
  • The seller can define a reserve price which is the minimum acceptable price for the lot
  • Price Reveal Auction is a sub-type of Dutch auction where the current price is hidden, however bidders can look at the price by paying a fee. Each time they do it the price falls by a certain amount
Asta al centesimo

In the penny type of auction, the initial price for auctioned items is minimum. Each new bid that the participant makes increases the price by a pre-defined amount. Participants shall pay a fee in order to place a bid, and the fee is usually higher than the price increase. With each new bid, the time of auction is prolonged so that other participants also have a chance to make their bids. The winner is the participant who makes the last bid before the auction ends.

  • This type of auction guarantees high earnings to the operator and good deals to auction winners, whereas other participants are at a loss for having spent certain amounts of money on bids
  • The auctioneer makes money by receiving fees for bids made by all participants and the final winning bid
  • The most active bidding begins when the auction is almost over and there are seconds left before it expires
  • The price increase is set to a minimum amount

E-Marketplace Software

Merkeleon E-Marketplace Software is a unique solution that lets you together buyers and sellers, clients and suppliers in unlimited amounts. The trading platform gives users opportunity to be a part of ongoing procurement processes, auction goods off or distribute them at fixed prices.

The simple web interface allows you to manage each marketplace feature without installing any special software. You have the opportunity to select the most appropriate ways to sell various products. Besides that, the Trading Platform offers a wide range of possible monetization methods, such as paid users account upgrades or highlighting of particular auctions for a specific fee.

Our Advantages

  • Platform flexibility driven by modular architecture
  • Wide monetization opportunities
  • Free and regular updates
  • Strict quality control
  • Personal account manager
  • Experienced support team at your disposal
  • Comfortable usage on PC and tablets
  • Large amount of successful projects

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