Oasis Poker is a variation of Caribbean Poker. The rules are the same as Caribbean, except the player is allowed to exchange cards before the raise/fold decision, for a price, of course.

Oasis Poker is a popular variation of a poker game that is close to five-card stud poker. It has a lot in common with Caribbean poker which is widely played in casinos around the world. When playing in an online casino its distinctive feature consists in playing against the house and not against other players. Unlike the Caribbean poker, a player is offered to exchange cards if he is not satisfied with the initially received ones.


The goal of this game is to beat the dealer by getting a higher five-card poker hand.


In the game of Oasis poker a standard deck of 52 cards is used. They are shuffled after every round is finished.
The cards have got their facial values and go in accordance with their order from an Ace to 2 (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2). An Ace in Oasis poker can be either high or low with regards to the line: it is the card with the highest value when it comes in a straight of A, K, Q, J, 10 but it can also take the lowest rating in a straight of 5, 4, 3, 2, A.

Betting Tips
To: Tip:
Select a chip Click the required chip at the left-hand side of the table, at the bottom
Place your bet Click the betting field of your choice. Several bets are allowed on different fields. In this case it is required to use chips that differ in value for every bet
Increase your bet Every time you click on the betting field, one more chip is added to the value of your stack
Remove your bet In order to remove the bet, click the betting field while CTRL is held
Next, choose the X-chip option and CLICK on the betting field
Simply DRAG it and DROP
Remove all the bets placed Use CLEAR control
Play AGAIN Click the NEW GAME button to clear the table when you want to start a new game
Repeat your bet Rebet is used when you want to begin dealing with the same stakes that you placed in the last round
Betting Limits

Min/Max refers to the limits – maximum and minimum – that can be placed on the betting fields and the table on the whole.


The game of Oasis poker starts when the bet on an Ante is placed. There is also an option of placing a bet on Jackpot as. In this case you can take part in the game of progressive Jackpot with the chance to receive bonus payouts.

Next step is to click DEAL and you will get 5 face-up cards. The Dealer also gets his cards – one face up and 4 face down.

Here are three ways that you can go next.

The first one is to click FOLD and it will lead to the loss of all your bets. This is the end of the game and neither the Ante nor the Jackpot bet will be returned.

The second option is to click RAISE and it will allow you to go on with the game and make another bet that is twice the amount of the Ante. In this case the cards of the Dealer are opened and the evaluation of the cards takes place.

The third option is to CHANGE CARDS. You can select from 1 to 5 cards in your hand that you want to switch and then click CHANGE. The fee for switching each card equals one Ante bet, thus, switching 5 cards will cost 5 Ante bets. Once you click the CHANGE button, the chosen cards are removed from the table and new cards will be dealt.

Game Outcomes

In order to qualify the Dealer should have an Ace and a King. When the dealer fails to meet this requirement, the bet on Ante is returned at the rate of 1 to 1 and Raise is returned in full.

Provided that the Dealer qualifies, both the hands of the Dealer and the Player are compared on the following terms:

• The Player loses all his bets if his hand is lower than the Dealer’s. This refers to both Ante and Raise bets.
• In case Tie happens, the Player gets both bets returned in full. This refers to both Ante and the Raise bets.
• The Player gets the return of his Ante bet at the rate 1 to 1 and the Raise bet in accordance to the table below if his hand is evaluated higher than the Dealer’s.

Raise Bet Paytable
Hand Payoff
Royal Flush 100 : 1
Straight Flush 50 : 1
Four of a Kind 20 : 1
Full House 7 : 1
Flush 5 : 1
Straight 4 : 1
Three of a Kind 3 : 1
Two Pairs 2 : 1
One Pair 1 : 1
Ace / King 1 : 1

In case of placing a Jackpot bet and when the hand of the Player contains one of the winning hands simultaneously, the return is calculated in accordance with the following Jackpot paytable.

Jackpot Bet Paytable
Hand Payoff
Royal Flush 100% of the jackpot
Straight Flush 10% of the jackpot
Four of a Kind x500
Full House x100
Flush x50
Hand Ranking

The hand with the card of the highest value wins in case the Player and the Dealer have similar hands in value. For instance 3 Jacks will be beaten by 3 Queens.

Provided that the hands of the Player and the Dealer have equal evaluation and type, the kicker (the card that does not refer to the paying hand) is used for the definition of the winner.

Winning Hands
Hand Payoff
Royal Flush This is the highest hand that includes Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten. The cards should be from the same suit A♣ K♣ Q♣ J♣ 10♣
Straight Flush Five cards of one suit that come in a sequence 5♦ 4♦ 3♦ 2♦ A♦
Four of a Kind Five cards that come from each suit of the same rank 10♣ 10♦ 10♥ 10♠ 5♦
Full House Three cards should refer to one rank while two others – to another K♠ K♣ K♥ 3♦ 3♠
Flush Five cards that should come from one and the same suit A♥ Q♥ 10♥ 5♥ 3♥
Straight Five cards that can be from any suite but they should come in a sequence A♥ K♣ Q♥ J♥ 10♠
Three of a Kind Three cards should necessarily be of the same rank but the two others may come unmatched 2♦ 2♠ 2♥ K♠ 6♠
Two Pairs Two sets of two equal in rank cards with any unmatched fifth card J♦ J♠ 10♠ 10♣ 9♠
One Pair Two cards of equal rank while the other three cards can come unmatched 2♣ 2♠ 8♣ 5♥ 3♥
Ace / King Three unmatched cards with the King and the Ace in a hand A♣ 2♠ 8♣ K♥ 3♥

Malfunction voids all plays and winnings!

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