SoftSwiss-backed 500.000 € Fund Aims to Help Victims of the Regime in Belarus


As a company that was started in Belarus and whose 400+ employees mostly work from Minsk, SoftSwiss can not afford to stand aloof from what is happening in Belarus nowadays. We support the Belarusian people in their pursuit of freedom, legitimacy, and protection of human rights. 

Earlier in August SoftSwiss launched an initiative to help those who had experienced violence after the presidential elections in the Republic of Belarus. 

The foundation already raised over 500.000 EUR for the victims of beatings and police brutality. 

SoftSwiss is cordially grateful to all partners, as well as other Belarusian IT companies who decided to join our initiative. 

As of now, the fund is providing direct assistance to people who suffered from the violence of the regime, as well as to the families of the deceased. This definitely takes some time, but the first results are here.

The snapshot of the work undertaken: 

– 208 requests for the assistance processed

– 24 people have been provided full assistance in the form of medical consultation and examination, purchase of medicines and transportation

– 72 people are being medically examined and treated right now

– 32 people received medical appointments and are awaiting treatment

– 10 people are awaiting rehabilitation after being released from the hospital 

– 3 people are in rehabilitation

– 67 people were redirected to other initiatives (usually lawyers or psychologists)

– 1 person is being provided with transportation to and treatment in Germany

Thank you for all your support!

Photo credits: REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko

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