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Compensation structure aimed to motivate and perform at peak level
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Ruby-on-Rails Developer (Casino Platform project)

We are looking for an experienced Ruby developer to join our strong team.

    • Minimum 3 years Ruby-on-Rails experience
    • Minimum 5 years software development experience
    • Experience with front end technologies such as Javascript, XHTML, CSS
    • Decent command of Object Oriented Programming
    • Experience with Agile development methods and tools like Kanban
    • Third party API integration into our gaming platform
    • Develop our own APIs
    • Set up and fine-tune online casinos for our customers worldwide
    • Customize casinos according to clients requirements
    • Develop new features for the platform
    • Work in team with experienced front-end specialists, designers, 3D animators and managers
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Senior Ruby-on-Rails Developer (RnD)

We are looking for Ruby-on-Rails Developer to join our RnD team!

    • Perfect Ruby programming skills
    • Hands-on experience with data-intensive applications development & performance tuning
    • Experience in developing complex solutions from scratch
    • Experience with relational databases and SQL, as well as with non-relational and NoSQL
    • Deep data structures, OOP, and algorithms knowledge
    • Minimum 5-year experience in software development
    • Good communication skills
    • Participate in the full development life cycle of existing (micro)services
    • Participate in designing fault-tolerant, highly available and optimized solutions for new services (no legacy)
    • Research new technologies
    • Collaboration with other teams – infrastructure, QA, development
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Front-End/HTML Developer

We are looking for an experienced Front-End developer to join our team. Maybe it is you?

    • Excellent HTML5 / CSS3 knowledge
    • Experience with pre- and post-processors (SCSS / LESS / Stylus / PostCSS)
    • Strong knowledge of native JavaScript
    • Understanding and using AngularJS
    • Experience with the frameworks Bootstrap, Foundation, etc.
    • Understanding the features of cross-browser compatibility and adaptability, the ability to create complex adaptive interfaces without the use of frameworks
    • Work on HTML-layout based on the provided PSD-layouts
    • Layout integration in our product (based on AngularJS)
    • Customization of functionality for the project
    • Development of custom components on AngularJS
    • Interest to develop in React
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Customer Service Specialist (English/German).

Are you responsible and confident? join us!

    • Fluency in English and/or German
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Stress resistance
    • Advanced PC user
    • Receiving and processing calls from users
    • Outgoing calls to clients (scripting)
    • Cold calls/ sales
    • Solving customer problems, help with current issues
    • Knowledge of the admin part, the ability to use the provided tools
    • Desire to take the initiative and propose ideas for improving work processes
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Middle Systems Engineer

We looking forward to a motivated Systems Engineer to join our team.

    • Higher technical education
    • Minimum 2 years as a System Engineer or SRE
    • Experience with configuration management systems (Puppet / Chef / Ansible / Saltstack / etc)
    • Experience writing shell scripts
    • Development experience in any scripting language
    • Good understanding of Linux-like operating systems
    • Experience with container virtualization applications and orchestration systems for them
    • Good command of English (Intermediate and higher)
    • Automate infrastructure components
    • Develop pipelines within the framework of CI for projects
    • To deal with the migration of infrastructure between data centers
    • Participate in the launch of new projects
    • Work with live tasks within the framework of tickets
    • Respond to monitoring events
    • Advise developers and managers, as well as company clients
    • Be prepared for the night shifts
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Tech Lead Security Infrastructure Engineer

We looking forward to Tech Lead Security Infrastructure Engineer to join our team.

    • Higher technical education
    • 5+ years of experience as a security infrastructure engineer
    • Deep knowledge of information security
    • 3+ years of experience with Linux-based OS
    • Experience with SIEM systems
    • Experience with HIDS / NIDS
    • Development and automation experience
    • Monitoring the company’s infrastructure for vulnerabilities and intrusions
    • Threat and Vulnerability Analysis
    • Risk assessment
    • Planning, development, automation, testing of security processes
    • Formalization and control of compliance with security policies
    • Research and selection of technologies and solutions for ensuring infrastructure security
    • Share expertise with the company’s technical teams
    • Participate in security audits
    • Management of the new team
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Senior Ruby-on-Rails Developer (GameDev project)

We are looking for a strong Ruby-on-Rails Developer to join our GameDev project!

    • Minimum 3 years of Ruby-on-Rails experience
    • Experience in designing data schemas and query optimization for relational databases (PostgreSQL)
    • Strong knowledge of version-control and team development tools (Git, GitLab)
    • Knowledge and application of the OOP and SOLID principles
    • A tendency to test code and a passion for automation
    • Implementation of game logic for new games (tournaments, progress and accumulation)
    • Integration with new platforms
    • Development of game settings management, reporting and analytics tools
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Mid/Senior Ruby-on-Rails Developer (Affiliate System Team)

We are looking for Mid/Senior Ruby-on-Rails Developer to join our Affiliate System Team!

    • Minimum 2 years of development experience
    • 1+ year experience with ruby and RoR
    • Experience with relational databases (PostgreSQL) not only at the ORM level but also using raw SQL
    • JavaScript knowledge
    • Experience in API development, experience in using third-party APs
    • Understanding of the OOP principles, knowledge of the basic design patterns
    • Sociability and effective communication (this is almost the main thing, it can be formulated differently, but we don’t need toxic workers)
    • Design and implementation of new functionality for the affiliate project
    • API integration with various third-party services (payment providers, mail services, CRM systems/transfer systems, third-party tracking systems, etc.)
    • Support and maintenance of the current project code
    • Participation in the colleagues’ code review process
    • Discussion and search for the best solution to the tasks
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Middle QA Automation Engineer

We looking forward to a motivated QA Engineer to join our team.

    • From 1 year experience in developing a system for automatic functional testing of web projects (Java)
    • Selenium WebDriver experience
    • API testing experience
    • TestNG framework experience
    • Extending and improving the existing framework
    • Writing and supporting autotests
    • Improving the testing process
    • Test Results Analysis
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Middle/Senior GO Developer

We are looking for an experienced Golang developer with tons of expertise in GO to boost our cool team!

    • Extensive experience in Golang
    • Good understanding of Golang: data structures, multithreading, memory usage and garbage collection, etc.
    • Experience using relational databases, the ability to write and optimize complex SQL queries
    • Experience in developing server applications
    • Ability to write testable code and unit tests for it
    • Integration of third-party APIs into game servers
    • Development of functionality of game server
    • Interface development of game server
    • Optimization and scaling of game server
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Senior DevOps Engineer

We are looking for a strong DevOps Engineer. Maybe it is you?

    • 5+ years experience of Linux system administration
    • Knowledge of scripting languages: bash / sh, python
    • Strong knowledge of docker, docker-compose, Kubernetes
    • Knowledge of the development and operation processes. Experience in implementing CI / CD (Jenkins, GitLab CI)
    • Experience with Kubernetes
    • Experience with AWS
    • Experience with SCM
    • Aggregation and presentation of logs
    • Experience in building monitoring systems
    • HTTP server (Apache, Ngnix)
    • Alignment of CI / CD processes
    • Monitoring the operation of services and subsystems, analysis of their performance and availability
    • Close interaction with development, testing and support teams
    • Maintenance and development of K8S clusters and cloud infrastructure in AWS
    • Records management
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Tech Lead Technical Support Engineer

We look for a talented Tech Lead Security Infrastructure Engineer!

    • Higher technical education
    • 5+ years of experience as a security infrastructure engineer
    • Deep knowledge of information security
    • 3+ years of experience with Linux-based OS
    • Experience with SIEM systems
    • Experience with HIDS / NIDS
    • Development and automation experience
    • Higher or secondary specialized technical education;
    •  3+ years of work experience
    • Experience with the Windows ecosystem;
    • Experience with Apple products;
    • Experience with active Mikrotik network equipment;
    • Experience with centralized anti-virus protection systems;
    • Understanding of Service Desk and ITIL principles.
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About Us

SoftSwiss is a rapidly-growing product-based software company which always welcomes professionals in various areas of IT and iGaming to join the team. We are looking for highly motivated and goal-oriented individuals who are willing to share their thoughts and ideas with like-minded people and get additional knowledge and experience in return.

We think that ambitious is good and appreciate your desire to grow. Whether you are a new graduate or an experienced developer, there is always scope for professional development and promotion at SoftSwiss. We provide comfortable and friendly working atmosphere to help our employees concentrate on the core of their work and enjoy the process.

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